November 20, 2013

Are we witnessing the Left turning on The Obama Administration?

In my ponderings  have come to the conclusion that the progressives never ever blame anything on their own failed ideas.  It is always we need more money, more time, a more regulation a new program, a new law, or a new leader.  The "idea" in their mind is never faulty, it is always something else...  You see, the progressive ideology is a religion of sorts, being that it is not based on rational thought on the surface anyway. It's more like Blind Faith and shallow thinking.  Kind of like... "Feeding fish in my tank is good and food is good for fish.   So if the fish are dying they must be fed more!  And you say they need less food? You must be racist against fish!!"
One could make the argument it may be rational to destroy our constitutional republic and replace it
with a "Progressive Utopia" with themselves in charge, but they don't do that..... That would be intellectually honest.  And when a progressive dares become intellectually honest he must realize that he/she is either misinformed or Evil.  Take the misinformed "Progressive" for example, he does not view himself as evil and  quite frankly the view is just the opposite.  The self view is one of an altruistic nature that values "helping others".  Being viewed as good especially by others, is a desired status that is held at the highest premium. 
So what is the happens in the mind of a progressive that becomes intellectually honest?  Lets start with what I believe to be the minority of the set.  This is the person that "Just wants the power" and at any cost. He just cant say it  out loud, at least until he has full control, otherwise way to much opposition. I'll use the term "Inherently Evil Progressive".  If he speaks honestly it is only within his trusted circles.
So then we are left with the second type I will call "The Altruistic Progressive", and if this type of Progressive is challenged they have a few choices. They can be intellectually honest and openly debate,(and learn) or shut down and act as if their ideas are infallible and that any challenge is irrelevant.
I dare say that the latter is the primary choice, and for good reason.  It is difficult to have closely held ideas to be proven wrong.  The "Progressive Religion"  can not be wrong.......Because, well,  Brondo has electrolytes.
Rationally speaking though, I understand, It is very difficult to have true empathy for all of mankind. It is hard to truly believe and act as if all men are created equal. It is gut wrenching to see pain and suffering.  It is way too humbling to say "I was wrong".  Much easier to blame not enough  money, time, yell for regulation or a new program, pen a new law, or blame the leader. 
So are we witnessing this now?  Has the Altruistic Progressives started to turn on their dear leader?  When John Stewart, SNL, and Bill Clinton toss him under the bus my magic 8 ball says "Signs point to yes".

November 14, 2013

Affordable (my ass) Care or Obama (don't) Care---- A Rant

Ok I  getting just a bit fed up....  Lets call this what it is and stop fooling ourselves.
This healthcare kluster F*** has little to nothing to do with healthcare.  In my opinion BarryCare was never intended to work. It is simply another piece in the effort to overwhelm the American system with costs, inefficiency and debt. Why do this? Simple……What is left of our Capitalist Constitutional Republic must be destroyed and subsequently declared a failure, by the Progressives so they can build their “utopian empire”. Time to call it what it is…. it’s a con. Like "The War on Poverty", Fail!(con) War on Drugs, a con, Failure! War on freedom and self determination,....ummm, well they are doing a pretty good job on that, they just call it something else like The affordable Care Act, Brady Bill or Directive 10-289

Hell look at what I wrote on March 23, 2010 and the comments!!
So lets see, the government has over regulated the insurance industry thus causing costs to go up. It then turns around and says people can't afford heath care so we are going to make it cheaper, but they actually make it more expensive and get more people dropped.  And never ever  do they blame themselves when things go poorly?  NO!  I even hear people that are normally quite reasonable say that ACA needs to be replaced with something. Hell! If your house is on fire you don’t need to REPLACE the fire with something else! You put out the fire. It needs to go away forever! 

Want to fix healthcare? Allow insurance to be sold across state lines! (if there ever was a proper use of the interstate commerce clause this would be one!!) 50 states with a dozen or so Insurers, each with about a dozen plans, and you have over 7000 choices! Bet you can find a good one that fits just right!
Does a single 50 year old man with a vasectomy need coverage for child birth? Do a lesbian couple
need or want coverage for prostate cancer screening?….. With 7000 choices I bet there’s a plan for that……
But nooooo! Gubberment must be up the ass of every frigging thing and every time it “Fixes something" we loose……and get one step closer to a totalitarian hell, steeped in inefficiency and lies.
BTW: Heath insurance came to be as a byproduct (unintended consequence) of governmental regulation. Durring WWII wages were frozen and business need skilled employees. Competition was fierce and employees could not be attracted with higher wages. What could be done is to offer “Benefits” such as stock, paid vacation, paid sick days, and yes…Pay your Dr. bills or health insurance! Now I know this is all commonplace today but before this you worked, and then got paid…. That was it. (But man is innovative,  we figure out how to get what we want/need despite the rules and regulation, be it a benefit program, the black market or whatever.  The law of unintended consequences always will rear its ugly head in one form or another.  Can't wait to see what happens in this case....just out of perverse curiosity)
Well damn it!...Wish I could run off to the Gulch or ship out to  The off world colonies……but…….. oh well, Guess I'll see you at the district lottery, in the Silo, at carrousel, or whatever the Social Utopian outcome is to be…. O brave new world!!!!

End Rant........sigh.

November 8, 2013

Space Marines, Johnny Cash, Pancakes and Death by Black hole.

Space Marines, Johnny Cash, Pancakes and Death by Black hole; how much better can it get for cheesy sci-fi?  This YouTube gem is a must see if you are a fan of any of the above.
Space: Above and Beyond if anyone remembers was a very short lived Sci-fi series that lasted only one season on the Fox network.  It featured poor acting, semi bad special effects, and semi cheesy plots..... but it had something.....  It had a certain familiarity that could be recognized, probably because of the equipment and well... just the idea of  space marines is cool.  The Marine pilots fly the SA-43 Endo/Exo-Atmospheric Attack Jet, "Hammerhead" from Space Carrier USS Saratoga and battle the really nasty  alien race of "Chigs". .... And all this five years before Halo appeared on the market, not to mention the film adaptation of Starship Troopers* two years later.  I dare say S: AAB might have just influenced a few writers, directors and programmers.  Happy geeking out!
* BruHa's Note:  Read the book!  Read the Book!

November 6, 2013

Fixing the military----


Yesterday I posted The down side of Totalitarian Rule of the military , and I may have just found some supporting evidence over at Danger Room:  How to Fix the Army: Sack All the Generals.
Tasty snippets: 
"Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis doesn’t have faith in Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno.
Or the rest of the U.S. Army’s generals, for that matter.
Writing in the August issues of The Armed Forces Journal (“Purge the generals“), Davis argues that it’s high time to sack the Army’s senior leaders for what he sees as an institutionalized epidemic of astonishing failures that not only go unreported, but are typically rewarded. All of it, he says, is creating a self-perpetuating culture of abysmal performance that won’t go away until the generals do." 
"And Thomas Ricks wrote in The Atlantic in November 2012 (“General Failure”) that, “To a shocking degree, the Army’s leadership ranks have become populated by mediocre officers, placed in positions where they are likely to fail. Success goes unrewarded, and everything but the most extreme failure goes unpunished, creating a perverse incentive system that drives leaders toward a risk-averse middle where they are more likely to find a stalemate than a victory.”" 
"He added: “Ironically, our generals have grown worse as they have been lionized more and more by a society now reflexively deferential to the military… No one is pushing those leaders to step back and examine the shortcomings of their institution. These are dangerous developments. Unaddressed, they could lead to further failures in future wars.”" 
But how to fix such an ingrained, systemic problem?
Whereas Yingling wanted Congress to intervene, Davis is looking for top ranking Pentagon officials of the civilian class to make a number of changes, including shrinking the group of 900 generals and admirals to a more reasonable number and change the promotion system to be more aligned with performance and success that would encourage “prudent risk-taking and nonconformist thinking.”
But more than anything, Davis argues that it’s time to replace “a substantial chunk” of today’s generals, starting with the three- and four-star ranks. Without this move, today’s leaders, who are products and benefactors of the existing system, don’t have the motivation to invoke substantive change.
These are the symptoms of a leadership that  values conformity over innovation, motivation and
thinking.  Simply stated these general's that "need to be sacked" are not in the positions they are in because they are failures, lazy , or unmotivated, but because these actions are expected, or more correctly the inverse is punished by the totalitarian rule.  Why stick your neck out if it is only going to result in your head getting whacked?  Just go with the flow.  Self preservation is paramount, right? 
That is unless one is a moral and free thinker...... A free and moral man. 
Butter Bar LT. and his men are pined down by heavy enemy fire.  His men are dying.  His orders are to call in air support if heavy resistance is encountered.  What does he do?  He has called for help, he has been told to wait....  His men are dying. 
The obedient servant waits and hopes.
The moral free thinker does something....  Anything!  He leads!  The command may be "Retreat!" or could be just as well  "Fix Bayonets and CHARGE!, but he will not sit and let him and his men die.
Just as the business man, inventor, engineer, playwright or poet must be free to create, so must the military commander be free to lead.  Free to be innovative.  Free to call bullshit when he or she sees it.  Free to carry out the moral mission assigned, without reprisal or political pressures......And this is why we have had the greatest military on the face of the earth.....and why today it is something, well a bit different. 

November 5, 2013

The down side of Totalitarian Rule in the military.

The down side of Totalitarian Rule of the military ----and what has made US Solders, Sailors and Airmen so effective in the past.
Originally.......This thought was originally sparked  at cblaake6's place linking to this article on Free Patriot. The article lists military officers relived of their commands and simply asks the question is this a purge or not.  I will let others decide if the ever growing list of Command firings is insidious, but my gut tells me the numbers are high...... for whatever reason. I have no idea myself, and can't speak to the if the numbers are high, low or average.  

One take on things is well stated at  In From the Cold who right now has a fine write-up on  The Air Force's nuclear troubles.  This article cites recent problems within The Air Forces "Bucket of Sunshine" Missile community and, I think rightfully so, blame poor leadership. 

What the real causes are, and if someone is in a place that knows, he probably not be able to reveal it.  (Need to find some real reporting on this)
  But back to Totalitarian Leaderships effect in a military.
Hypothetically,  what if we are seeing a purge of the leadership ranks for the purpose of totalitarian/ dictatorial rule?  What would we end up with? We have seen it in the past and Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot come to the top of my mind.  This leadership, first and foremost requires absolute loyalty to the dictator at all costs.  All other attributes are sacrificed at the expense of following orders, doctrine, and the chain of command.  Additionally one can not be "Too Smart", "See the big picture" or be innovative.  These traits do not play well with the totalitarian leadership.  Thinking for yourself is definitely a no-no. (Just Ask Erwin Rommel how being smart etc. worked out.)
The results, from a military leadership stand point, is ineffectiveness. A good illustration is the 12th and 21st SS Panzer Divisions  action  inaction, during the Normandy invasion. Though highly motivated,  loyal troops, with the best equipment, and closest to the invasion, they failed their basic mission because they waited for orders from Hitler to act.  Fear of the Command was greater than anything else.  The Totalitarian rule destroyed initiative. It destroyed innovation.  It destroyed thinking.
Contrast this with the opposite, Admiral Spruance ordering immediate launching of aircraft to attack the Japanese fleet at the start of the Battle of Midway.  He made a judgment call, based on his own intellect and initiative, with out fear of reprisal.  Days prior Nimitz broke regulation and procedure also to get the crippled Yorktown out of dry-dock and into the fight ASAP. Other innovations during this fight such as night launch and recovery of US aircraft from the Enterprise,  and the  launching Fighter and Attack aircraft near or beyond their range limits took place. (All risky never done before)  Result, the tide of the war was turned.   Our military leaders were trusted to and able (allowed) to think!

Fast forward to today.....  Is our military trusted to do its job?  Why are their lawyers on the battlefield?  Are our military leaders allowed to think and be innovative without fear?  Is anyone allowed to act quickly without orders?  I wonder who has the balls anymore to say "Nutz!" be to the enemy or ......, whatever.  Long story short, free men of free will, be it in the military, business, or otherwise are innovative, creative, and dare I say can be heroic, and the subjugated can never be any of these. 
(BTW: I doubt Lemay gave a shit about political correctness back in the day!)

November 1, 2013

Freak out Friday Video --- I'll Have a Bottle of anything and a glazed donut to go!

"I'll Have a Bottle of anything and a glazed donut to go!" 

Remember that from back in '86?  When MTV played music.  It was a time when David Lee Roth's ego could get no bigger.  The video, well, is audacious and  politically incorrect.  But fun nevertheless even though this video may seem a bit homoerotic by todays standards due too Way Too Much big hair, spandex, excessive pelvic thrusting, guitar humping, ass twerking (circa 1986), and giant microphone thrusting & fapping.

Best part......  The opening .  Enjoy!

October 31, 2013

Peace Officer vs. Law Enforcement

Peace Officer vs. Law Enforcement
I have been mulling around the idea, from a philosophical viewpoint  that during my lifetime I may have seen the transition of the "application of Law and Order " change fundamentally much in the same way I was part of the transition from the analog to the digital world.  Specifically the mindset 
and mission of our cops, sheriffs deputies and their leadership.  In the past a cop would describe  him or herself as a "Peace Officer" Or an "Officer of the peace".  Today the most common self described response would be "Law Enforcement Officer".   "So what?", one might say, "What's the difference?"  Well there is a big difference, difference in mindset and philosophy.
Lets compare the words Peace and Enforcement, but first lets examine their context and just what it means.  The context for the purposes of this discussion would be the very common term "Law and Order".  We have seen the TV series by the same name and you can fill up your DVR in a single day with the reruns..... ( But have we ever really considered what the phrase "Law and Order" means? 
Well as for Law, that is pretty self evident.  Law is basically the written code by our (representative) government that we consent to live by to help maintain  a civilized society.  As for order, just what does that mean? Order? What is order? Whose order?  Hmmmm.
Now before I go on, let me just preempt some future bickering by stating this:  It does not matter if a person is a Baptist preacher, Buddhist Monk, Militant Atheist with a "Fish with Feet" emblem on the back of the Saab, or anything in between.  It doesn't matter, Order in this case comes from Nature/God.  It just happens.  It is.  Call it Natural Order or Gods Order.  That's what it is and means in this context. And anywhere else for that matter. I like the term natural order myself,  well.... just because.  Don't read too much into it.  The two terms are interchangeable, outcomes are the same. ( I checked with the FSM, Capt. Picard and Thumbs Up Jesus they all agree too! )
So I would say that the term "Law and Order" could be described as The Law applied within the context of the natural order of things.  For example, the misapplication of the law would not be in natural order.  Law and order demands wise discretion with full recognition of our natural rights.  Also Law and Order demands that the law itself be in accordance with the natural order; an unjust or immoral Law can not be combined with the Natural order.  The two can not exist together.
So just what was a Peace Officer?  What was his job?  Who was he?  First let me say, simply stated that Peace can be easily described as  "The Presence of Justice"  or as described above,  "Law and
Order". The Peace Officer charged with the duty to  maintain "'Law and Order". He was local and lived in the same neighborhood he worked.  He would stop by your house and ask if you knew your tractor was out in the field to check if it broke down or if the local kids had taken it joyriding.  He would walk a beat in the city and give a quick check of door knobs of the local business and run off troublemakers. (most likely with a "loving" wack of a night stick to the first one who mouthed off)  He had discretion. He would pour out your beer and take you home to your parents if caught drinking underage. He talked to you and your neighbors...You knew his name.....Anyone remember? 
So lets look at Law Enforcement.  What does it mean? Well it means exactly that, Enforcement of the Law.  Does it recognize the natural order?  No.  It implies blind enforcement with no discretion. Strict adherence with policy and rules. BTW: Do you know the name of your local "Law Enforcement Officer?  I dare say no.  As opposed to the above scenario, the same kid that gets
caught drinking (or a joint) today, gets the cuffs, a record, and blown chances at going to a good college, a military career, and the ability to get a security clearance.  The Officer doesn't know the kid, could care less about him or his parents and has little to no discretion on what to do in the matter.  He could loose his job if he doesn't follow procedure.  Natural Order is not found in these actions nor is it cared about. Lets look at the uniforms and equipment.  One would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a Marine in full kit in Fallujah and the Local PD in Tactical Gear if it wasn't for the color and patches. 
The lack of natural order quickly degrades into insanity.  It turns into a hardened mindset.  The Law Enforcement Community becomes more distant from the population it is sworn to protect.  Its mission is lost, and the entire population becomes a potential enemy. The lack of Natural Order becomes a way of thinking and acting.   Example;  if the natural order is to protect lives, then a highly visible State Trooper at the top of the hill would be an effective way keep people from speeding down the grade.  The Trooper hiding in the bushes at the bottom of the hill is not protecting one life, or maintaining order, but he is enforcing the law (not to mention making money for the state). A small difference in location but a huge difference in intent. (Why) How many times do we read about a wrong door kicked down or a dog shot when Law Enforcement goes to the wrong address?  (don't know the neighborhood you have jurisdiction over?)
There is even bleed over into other agency's now.  A recent news story cited that EPA agents showed up to do a common inspection at a mine, fully armed in tactical gear, detained employees at gunpoint and acted like "Jack booted thugs" (my term).  HELL!, Anything more than a clipboard, pen, and camera is overkill for a SWPPP inspection.
So what is the answer?  Well the mindset has to be restored.  We need to recognize the natural order
of things.  For example our rights stem from the natural order. If all laws were wiped off the books today the natural order would still exist.
Blind "Law enforcement is a slippery slope to a very dark place, such as marching Gypsy's, Homosexuals, and Jews into poison gas chambers or playing the lottery for the hunger games. Hell that was a function of State Law Enforcement and legal, by law anyways.
In short we need a lot more Mayberry and a lot less Fallujah. 
(God bless our Pease Officers out there, present and retired, and elsewhere)
If things keep going the way they are I'm  going to need a Soma Holliday.
Update: Great advice from comments via Salamander and a side note.
"Do this. Get you know your local police officers. Get to know your Sherriff deputies that patrol your neighborhood. As for now, they ARE STILL defenders of your communities. See to it they uphold their Oath to protect you AND your constitutionally granted *affirmed rights. Make it hard for them to let go of your community, should the influence ever come knocking.
Fun Stuff, 
*BruHa's note: 
I had to make a small but important editorial change to the comment.  It seems that the pervasive debasing of our language, and Orwellian new speak our media puts out can and does influence the best of us.  This is an example.  Salamander and I have had very long discussions regarding philosophy religion and rights.  I know that he knows that rights are not granted by any one, any document or any other worldly means.  We both know that rights are natural, we are born with them. (God given)  Second paragraph, Declaration of Independence..... 
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--"

But the language slips in almost sublimely.  The language of the totalitarian state, the language of progressive agenda; a language that is designed to destroy not only the individual, but to destroy the very idea of the individual.

October 30, 2013

And he did say "And if pea-brained Vogons "

During the evening I got to thinking that the presidents speech patterns are about as enjoyable as Vogon poetry. ( FYI If not a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams's novels/ movie radio play tv etc.  Vogons are described as mindlessly bureaucratic, aggressive, slug like creatures having "as much sex appeal as a road accident" and the
writers of "the third worst poetry in the universe". They are employed as the galactic  government's bureaucrats.)

Long story short, I came across this from Bill Whittle--The reptile : talking about Alan Grayson ( aka Big Giant Level 2 Douchebag )  Now this is not the bent I was looking for but oh do I have to share.  FYI: I was heading on a tare about Obama speak and wanted to cross check to see if it is really plagiarized Vogon poetry.  (In my head  saw President Vogon  reading "You can Keep your healthcare insurance" and "The IRS Loves You...Really It does." as thinking Americans commit suicide rather than continuing to listen)  And then.... Internetz distractions happen.....

So jump to Bill Whittle's  article..He has such a wonderful mix of wit, political/philosophical insight mixed with absolute truth that it is hard to imagine how someone could say it better.

Tasty snips:
"Yes, infamous reptile Alan Grayson called the Tea Party – you know, those people calling for the end to the ruinous spending that allows people with the IQ of a carrot to buy votes from others by enslaving them to a life of government dependency, which will last until the world economic collapse brought about by this out-of-control, filthy addiction -- Grayson called the Tea Party the equivalent of the KKK – repeatedly – and it’s just another in a long line of attempts by these Progressive mudskippers to demonize their political opponents in the face of the flaming wreckage that their economic and political policies always bring about"

"Hey! Grayson, you lizard-blooded, jackbooted goon! We’ve tried to reason with the likes of you, but you’re like a dog trying to learn brain surgery by watching it on TV – after a while you realize it just ain’t gonna happen. So I’ll give it to you in terms you can understand, because we’ve seen your kind before: that feral, sneering bombast; that unspeakably dense, pre-human gaze, looking at the Monolith in fear and hatred has been with us for as long as there have been sand fleas, ticks and venereal disease."
And the best of all...

  "And if pea-brained Vogons like Alan Grayson smashes enough things with his little iron mallet then they think no one will notice or remember."

Original story by Bill Whittle -- The reptile :

That said, and now that I think about it, I prefer Vogon Poetry over this administrations mutterings.  At least the Vogons actually think their poetry is actually good.

Oh freddled gruntbuggly,
Thy micturitions are to me,
As plurdled gabbleblotchits,
On a lurgid bee,
That mordiously hath bitled out,
Its earted jurtles,
Into a rancid festering confectious inner-sphincter. [drowned out by moaning and screaming]
Now the jurpling slayjid agrocrustles,
Are slurping hagrilly up the axlegrurts,
And living glupules frart and slipulate,
Like jowling meated liverslime,
Groop, I implore thee, my foonting turling dromes,
And hooptiously drangle me,
With crinkly bindlewurdles,
Or else I shall rend thee in the gobberwarts with my blurglecruncheon,
See if I don't.  

October 29, 2013

Lies and Deceit

   Megyn Kelly pulls out the stops and remarkably keeps her cool (mostly) revealing that the people were grossly misled (lied to) :  Watch the Fox News segment:

Fargin Bastages !

October 28, 2013

Musicians singing about Music

Musicians singing about Music---  Always found it interesting when musicians performed songs about their musical tastes, influences and the tough ride and hard work.  Here are a few that are stuck in my head.. 
 Hayes Carll - I Got A Gig
 Drive by Truckers - Let There Be Rock
AC/DC  - It's a long way to the top (if you want to rock and roll)

  Mommas and Poppas -- Creeque alley

October 25, 2013

Chuck Norris?

October 24, 2013

Why Chicago thug politics dont work or another reason why the Obama administration has failed.

  By any rational measure the Obama administration has failed; and I would dare say miserably so.  The facts speak for themselves and I really don't think it is needed to list them out one by one, the failures are self evident. What has really interested me is not just why from a policy/mechanical standpoint, but why from a philosophical- systems point of view? 
Well there are many facets to this question being, financial, social, military, pure political, and how to execute power;  just to name a few.  However what each element has in common is how it is executed or how it is done.  Otherwise stated, the operational philosophy of the administration.  So what is the operational philosophy of the administration?  It is by no means passive or lawful. It rewards friends, punishes enemies and intimidates the rest.  Loyalty and strict obedience is of paramount importance if one is to maintain favor within the administration.  Payment must be received in the form of political donations and public support). This sounds like, and has been described as, a lot like an "Crime Family" or "Chicago thug politics".....  I fully agree.
This is not to say that a crime family or Chicago thug politics is not efficient or effective method to execute political will, it is or it would not exist.  It is a real efficient way to wield power, influence people and business, and make take money however, in order for it to work it has to be conducted within the confines of a lawful society.  The gangster needs the stable and lawful environment to function. (The gangster gets to break the law while no one else can.)  The crime family can not be everywhere, police everything, and have total control.  It needs the lawful environment because it parasitically feeds off of it.

Chicago thug politics only work in Chicago because Chicago is within the confines of an otherwise lawful state.  If the lawful state did not exist or somehow vanished the Thug Society would devolve into a lawless state run by warlords not unlike Somalia.
Now lets quickly upscale to the Obama administration.  The "Crime Family" is now in charge of it all.  It can and does anything it wants.  It spies on it's citizens, breaks law and blatantly disregards the constitution, prints money willy-nilly, makes friends with the evil and alienates long time allies.  Favors are granted to the loyal, perceived foes are punished, and the innocent intimidated.  But at what cost.
The cost is the integrity of the United States.  Their is no state for the "City".  The gangster has found itself responsible and accountable for the fire department public works, maintain the bridges, the court system and handling real disputes countries world wide.  Micro-managing does not work.  Flashy promises are hollow.  Real results are expected and needed.  What results is it all starts to fall apart as we are seeing today. Just look at some headlines just grabbed seconds ago....

So how do we avoid the inevitable gang war?  We take every lawful measure to elect these thugs out and remain un-intimidated.

Mental note:  When an individual becomes lawless he becomes a criminal.  When the government becomes lawless it becomes tyranny.

October 23, 2013

Tougher than chuck

Words mean things.....

  The other night while responding and debating with a good friend, (whom had probably recently rolled one way too fat that evening ),  about words their meanings and such, I responded to him with the following:

Most Likely da best Hip Hop wardrobe Fail ever!

"  A word is very much something real and objective. It is the agreed meaning of an idea, fact or object....the collective attributes of the said thing. If you disagree with the definition, then you are the one violating the agreed contract; you do not get to change the attributes of the definition to keep a word!!! If the word desired (attributes that are represented) does not exist it is up to you to create and use a new word or add a new definition that can be agreed on. One  has no right to destroy words(definitions) of the past. Words of the past mean what they mean at the time of being stated (the agreed definition of the time)... To change the meaning is to destroy the thought, be it agreeable, contrary, or indifferent."
  This got me to thinking on how the progressive non-critical thinking left continually twists language to fit their ideas.  Ethnicity becomes race, free speech becomes terrorism, and a failed web architecture, design and implementation becomes a glitch.  So why do they do this?  Hmmmm?  I say it is to intentionally mislead us. It is meant to invoke an emotional response from the recipient favorable to the speaker with little or no intellectual effort on the part of the speaker/author.  It is meant to get one to come to a conclusion they might not have otherwise if they had the true and  correct information.  So when I hear the "political bastardazations" of words I take it as an admittance of the speakers failure of the idea or thought. 
 Words mean things.....and more importantly how words are used reveals intent, character and integrity.

October 22, 2013

Been Way Too Long!

Hey all!
 It has been way too long in posting here at the BruHa, almost two years in fact, and what a strange couple of years it has been for me personally.  But all is well personally though it has been a strange and very rewarding ride.  Nuff said about the personal stuff... I'm going to saddle up and start blogging again; with the serious, not so serious, maybe include some personal projects and tips, stuff I find funny, and of course you can look forward to the bad grammar, misspellings, excessive use of commas, and general randomization/bastardadation of the English language. Of course I will continue to promote rational debate regarding the virtues of individual liberty, the perils of progressivism, and expose the horrors of the police state. 

So---- Stay on the bomb run, boys! I'm gonna get them doors open if it harelips ever'body on Bear Creek!