March 24, 2014

The Second Hander

The Second Hander

Seriously, I love the debate and engage both friend and foe alike and am always amazed at how many people have made up their minds on one issue or another based on their feelings alone?  And rarely does any person want to be shown they are wrong, uniformed, or holds onto a flawed philosophy if they have one at all.  So let me stop you here…  If you are unwilling to think logically, go away now. There are plenty of other spots on the intenetz that have naked girls, egg , milk and granny panties, monkeys with machine guns and cats playing with yarn. 

Still here? Kool!  Let's pop some tags in the thrift store of ideas bitch!

The two thing of most importance that I feel are lacking in our society today are peoples ability to have a philosophy and think logically, and defiantly not in that order.  You see in my humble yet seemingly arrogant opinion, one must first be logical before developing ones philosophy, otherwise the philosophy becomes an excuse for illogical thinking and beliefs.  For example, just take any one of the popular “-isims” of today and bring it to its natural and logical conclusion and define its outcome.  Do we wind up with a free people or a police state?  Does it become a theocracy, oligarchy, anarchy, or a stable and free civilization? 

So in my thinking, and hopefully somewhat logically, I have determined that there are two types of people, and therefore two types of societies.  I will define them for the purpose of discussion, Prime and Secondhand.  The Prime as it pertains to the individual is the Doer, The Producer, The Thinker/Creator.  He does not rely on others for satisfaction or affirmation.  He does because he wants to, be it write a song, build a Hot Rod, invent a new device or process, or code a program.  His work is his, to be traded for what he/she agrees by his own free will.   The same can be said for businesses.  A business may also be considered a Prime, such as the steel producer, car manufacture, or software firm.  A Prime business competes not only with its direct competition but also with itself much in the same way a professional golfer does.  A true Prime welcomes the competition as he knows it only makes him better.

So what is a “Second hander”?  The second hander lives off others work as a parasite.  The second hander is like the boss that takes all the credit when things go right and lays blame for when things go wrong. (I bet we have all seen that) It is the consultant that works harder to keep his client dependant rather than serve his clients best interest.  It is the corporation that lobbies for special consideration from the government to keep competition at bay.  It’s the songwriter that steals a line or a lick while giving no credit.  The second hander feeds off the Prime offering little in return, and certainly not by mutual agreement. The pinnacle example of the Second Hander is the welfare broodmare that has no intention of self betterment. (Yep I said it)  It is the person that shouts racism because his argument has failed, using the real pain and struggle of others as cover for his failed argument. (Go to hell race baiter.. feeding off of real hero's of the past..)  It is the person that lies about his military service, pretends to be a NYC 9-11 firefighter or cop. It is another shitty energy drink that is stuffed in a convenience store cooler thinking it will become the next Red Bull or monster without real work and vision.  Its the person or corporation that rides on another's success.

That said, I will go out on a limb and conclusively decree it is much better to be a Prime than a second hander.  (Don’t agree?  Make a logical argument that recognizes normal human behavior!)

With the above ideas in mind we can look at people, business, religions, philosophies, monetary systems and governments with a more critical eye and decide if they hurt, help, or are simply benign to the betterment of man. We can ask ourselves just what is our government promoting, being a Prime or a Second Hander?  Is a particular politician a Prime(leader) or a Second Hander(mindless poll whore).  Does a particular union serve its members or simply itself.  Is that new law serving a legitimate need or regulating an advantage of one business over another. 
......and dare I say Capitalism is the only social economic system that promotes the Primes rather than just outright stealing from them.