October 6, 2009

Advice Request

The Bruha has frequent celebrity guests that very graciously give advice and answer your questions.  It is not known who will be answering your query next but it is always interesting and informative. 

All categories are on the table, but keep it mostly clean. (Like late night cable TV clean is OK, but not pay $12 dollars pay per view and worry what is on the cable bill invoice late night TV.) The BruHa will take questions on, life, relationships, love, technical issues, computers, job hunting, politics, fashion, Fishing, auto repair, home repair, sex, strippers, guns, tools, beer, engineering, geology, aviation and just about anything else.

Just post your question in the comments section and hopefully you will be chosen by one of our celebrity contributors.



  1. I am 23 year old recent graduate from my local community collage and am having a tough time trying to find my next job. I am presently employed working at the local sports bar and making some pretty good money cooking, and part time behind the bar; not to mention I have a lot of opportunity to meet some very good looking, fun loving drunk girls. So far this hasn't been a bad gig. I have had an offer work part time in a home mortgage/banking setting but it would be half the pay and little chance to meet any drunk skanks, but it would be a start to a new career. What should I do?

    J.K. Jacksonville, FL

  2. I am a 40 year old father of four. I have been married for almost 10 years. When I first started dating my wife (some considerable number of years ago), I began putting beans into a jar every time, ah, to put it delicately, we were together. Contrastingly, when we got married I started taking a bean out every time we were together. Well, now I can't find the jar. I haven't seen it in over a year and it's possible she threw it out. What should I do?


    J.A. Jekyll Island, GA