October 31, 2013

Peace Officer vs. Law Enforcement

Peace Officer vs. Law Enforcement
I have been mulling around the idea, from a philosophical viewpoint  that during my lifetime I may have seen the transition of the "application of Law and Order " change fundamentally much in the same way I was part of the transition from the analog to the digital world.  Specifically the mindset 
and mission of our cops, sheriffs deputies and their leadership.  In the past a cop would describe  him or herself as a "Peace Officer" Or an "Officer of the peace".  Today the most common self described response would be "Law Enforcement Officer".   "So what?", one might say, "What's the difference?"  Well there is a big difference, difference in mindset and philosophy.
Lets compare the words Peace and Enforcement, but first lets examine their context and just what it means.  The context for the purposes of this discussion would be the very common term "Law and Order".  We have seen the TV series by the same name and you can fill up your DVR in a single day with the reruns..... ( But have we ever really considered what the phrase "Law and Order" means? 
Well as for Law, that is pretty self evident.  Law is basically the written code by our (representative) government that we consent to live by to help maintain  a civilized society.  As for order, just what does that mean? Order? What is order? Whose order?  Hmmmm.
Now before I go on, let me just preempt some future bickering by stating this:  It does not matter if a person is a Baptist preacher, Buddhist Monk, Militant Atheist with a "Fish with Feet" emblem on the back of the Saab, or anything in between.  It doesn't matter, Order in this case comes from Nature/God.  It just happens.  It is.  Call it Natural Order or Gods Order.  That's what it is and means in this context. And anywhere else for that matter. I like the term natural order myself,  well.... just because.  Don't read too much into it.  The two terms are interchangeable, outcomes are the same. ( I checked with the FSM, Capt. Picard and Thumbs Up Jesus they all agree too! )
So I would say that the term "Law and Order" could be described as The Law applied within the context of the natural order of things.  For example, the misapplication of the law would not be in natural order.  Law and order demands wise discretion with full recognition of our natural rights.  Also Law and Order demands that the law itself be in accordance with the natural order; an unjust or immoral Law can not be combined with the Natural order.  The two can not exist together.
So just what was a Peace Officer?  What was his job?  Who was he?  First let me say, simply stated that Peace can be easily described as  "The Presence of Justice"  or as described above,  "Law and
Order". The Peace Officer charged with the duty to  maintain "'Law and Order". He was local and lived in the same neighborhood he worked.  He would stop by your house and ask if you knew your tractor was out in the field to check if it broke down or if the local kids had taken it joyriding.  He would walk a beat in the city and give a quick check of door knobs of the local business and run off troublemakers. (most likely with a "loving" wack of a night stick to the first one who mouthed off)  He had discretion. He would pour out your beer and take you home to your parents if caught drinking underage. He talked to you and your neighbors...You knew his name.....Anyone remember? 
So lets look at Law Enforcement.  What does it mean? Well it means exactly that, Enforcement of the Law.  Does it recognize the natural order?  No.  It implies blind enforcement with no discretion. Strict adherence with policy and rules. BTW: Do you know the name of your local "Law Enforcement Officer?  I dare say no.  As opposed to the above scenario, the same kid that gets
caught drinking (or a joint) today, gets the cuffs, a record, and blown chances at going to a good college, a military career, and the ability to get a security clearance.  The Officer doesn't know the kid, could care less about him or his parents and has little to no discretion on what to do in the matter.  He could loose his job if he doesn't follow procedure.  Natural Order is not found in these actions nor is it cared about. Lets look at the uniforms and equipment.  One would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a Marine in full kit in Fallujah and the Local PD in Tactical Gear if it wasn't for the color and patches. 
The lack of natural order quickly degrades into insanity.  It turns into a hardened mindset.  The Law Enforcement Community becomes more distant from the population it is sworn to protect.  Its mission is lost, and the entire population becomes a potential enemy. The lack of Natural Order becomes a way of thinking and acting.   Example;  if the natural order is to protect lives, then a highly visible State Trooper at the top of the hill would be an effective way keep people from speeding down the grade.  The Trooper hiding in the bushes at the bottom of the hill is not protecting one life, or maintaining order, but he is enforcing the law (not to mention making money for the state). A small difference in location but a huge difference in intent. (Why) How many times do we read about a wrong door kicked down or a dog shot when Law Enforcement goes to the wrong address?  (don't know the neighborhood you have jurisdiction over?)
There is even bleed over into other agency's now.  A recent news story cited that EPA agents showed up to do a common inspection at a mine, fully armed in tactical gear, detained employees at gunpoint and acted like "Jack booted thugs" (my term).  HELL!, Anything more than a clipboard, pen, and camera is overkill for a SWPPP inspection.
So what is the answer?  Well the mindset has to be restored.  We need to recognize the natural order
of things.  For example our rights stem from the natural order. If all laws were wiped off the books today the natural order would still exist.
Blind "Law enforcement is a slippery slope to a very dark place, such as marching Gypsy's, Homosexuals, and Jews into poison gas chambers or playing the lottery for the hunger games. Hell that was a function of State Law Enforcement and legal, by law anyways.
In short we need a lot more Mayberry and a lot less Fallujah. 
(God bless our Pease Officers out there, present and retired, and elsewhere)
If things keep going the way they are I'm  going to need a Soma Holliday.
Update: Great advice from comments via Salamander and a side note.
"Do this. Get you know your local police officers. Get to know your Sherriff deputies that patrol your neighborhood. As for now, they ARE STILL defenders of your communities. See to it they uphold their Oath to protect you AND your constitutionally granted *affirmed rights. Make it hard for them to let go of your community, should the influence ever come knocking.
Fun Stuff, 
*BruHa's note: 
I had to make a small but important editorial change to the comment.  It seems that the pervasive debasing of our language, and Orwellian new speak our media puts out can and does influence the best of us.  This is an example.  Salamander and I have had very long discussions regarding philosophy religion and rights.  I know that he knows that rights are not granted by any one, any document or any other worldly means.  We both know that rights are natural, we are born with them. (God given)  Second paragraph, Declaration of Independence..... 
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--"

But the language slips in almost sublimely.  The language of the totalitarian state, the language of progressive agenda; a language that is designed to destroy not only the individual, but to destroy the very idea of the individual.


  1. ". . . . More Mayberry and a lot less Fallujah." How true. Perhaps it is really the State's intention to create a divide between the public servant and his people, and maybe perhaps to make them a State militant by default. And perhaps the trickledown of distrust of the public reaches even the smallest municipalities. It's one [HUGE] thing to wonder why DHS purchases 2700 MRAPs this year. I don't think we've got 2,700 people in this country who can even make an 'eye -eee -deee'. Must be getting ready to a host a Kim Jong Un parade . . . . So how do we explain tying up 1.6B rounds of ammo during a domestic supply shortage? Little extra target practice this year? How about the civilian shadow targets? The pregnant women with guns silhouette was a nice [desensitizing] touch. Yep, google it.

    And when you hear FEMA’s public service announcement recommending families "get a kit, get prepared", that bugs me out. When we see municipalities bumping up their riot preparedness training and gear, it makes you wonder . . . maybe the trickledown is happening. Crikey, did you see what Boston pulled out for the World Series win? Makes me wonder maybe we are losing grip on our local public servants.

    This is why (I think, but don't just take my word for it) we have a duty to reign in our police force and make them accountable to our communities. Assuming they're just "doing their jobs" no longer cuts it.
    Let's face it: We (Americans, the 80% non-kooks [according to Rushman]) are subjects to the minority in power. Some of us are takers. We love walking to our mailbox to get our check and don’t care how the general law applies to everyone, neither how much anyone else suffers. Shameful, but hey, this is America. Then there are others who are complacent and have varying terminal stages of normalcy bias. These folks limitlessly trust the power at hand and occasionally vote more power in without an ounce of foresight. Lastly, there are the concerned citizens. The Sentinels. They are the ones standing watch, the modern day Paul Revere, the ones yelling so that maybe the truth might be heard.
    Or are they? It’s good to know for what you stand, it’s another to stand for what you know. Are others really hearing the concerns? Are the public servants aware these folks are concerned with the excessiveness?
    Do this. Get you know your local police officers. Get to know your Sherriff deputies that patrol your neighborhood. As for now, they ARE STILL defenders of your communities. See to it they uphold their Oath to protect you AND your constitutionally granted rights. Make it hard for them to let go of your community, should the influence ever come knocking.
    Fun Stuff, Salamander

  2. Wonderful clarification - Thanks for bringing that to light. Without thought, I default to the perspective that the Constitution Document is the sole grantor of my rights. Totalitarian subjects believe people in power grant rights. Our constitution makes us exceptional well past that point - We need nobody to endorse our choices. But the document is just a reminder to what we already have (as you've clarified). It is not a delivery mechanism, it is a monument to what already is.

    Traditionalists such as myself squirm with the imagery of the Constitution being torn. For example, right wing media has shown images of Obama tearing the document. And it's meant to be inflamatory. But how does that feed into our rage? Why do we worship the document, not just uphold the principle?

    We talk about sublime slipups but it perhaps it comes from deeply instilled patriotism. After all, to a degree, my rights are "granted" by those who died that I might be free. That document stands for that right. For me it would be like changing our nation's flag to all-red. Just a flag, what really matters is what it stands for.

    I think one of the biggest differences in hard-line conservatism and libertarianism (where I think we all really are but at different degrees) is that conservatives ignorantly cling to symbols that define the world they want to live in, libertarians respect everybody's right to their own symbols. Conservatism might appear rigid and stearn and relativism (mask of liberalism) is something not well embraced. I find a little bit too much "to each his own" a threat to the values we hold close to our hearts. If there's not an idea to uphold (i.e., no bold colors) then it's a jumbled up distortion and a dictator in disguise (see years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 as reference).

    The real hurdles lies in the answer to this question: Is a man without country free? The answer to that for me undoubtedly is yes, probably more than ever. But the symbols that help remind our children to they are free are somehow sacred and worth preserving. At least for some of us too stupid to stay the course.

    Probably a little to philisophical but I think worthy of an exchange.


  3. Great article. I would like to add that the County Sheriff is a large piece of the puzzle in restoring our Constitution and returning to having peace officers. My old campaign FB page has some great resources; https://www.facebook.com/pages/Frank-W-Szabo-For-Sheriff-of-Hillsborough-County/277456675653327 and this website; http://www.sheriffbrigadesofpenn.com/.

    The book, "Anderson On Sheriffs", is the premiere resource explaining the authority and responsibility of the County Sheriff to protect and defend The Constitution and defend against anyone violating it (and their Oath of Office).

    I have moved to Chile, in large part, due to some of these issues. For anyone interested, check out www.FreedomOrchard.com and view our virtual tour; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIlCrJ1OTz0.

  4. Thanks Frank! I will check them out.