March 5, 2010

Rino Hunting

This morning when I opened Drudge this add was at the top.  I chuckled a little made a mental note to follow up and see what the race was all about and went on to reading the news Mr. Drudge felt important today.  Well a few lines down appears this headline:  J.D. Hayworth's add irks John McCain  Interesting. 
Snippets and comments:

""Ads like this have no place in the Republican primary, and J.D. Hayworth should immediately take it down and apologize," said Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., a strong McCain ally.""

Ha!  I say John McCain has no place in the Republican party.  He has repeatedly violated the basic principles of the party as well as put forth legislation that was in clear violation of the constitution.  He has no place in either party and certainly no part in the Republican Party.  He has only gained notoriety in the media because he has agreed with the left.  As soon as he became a candidate he and his running mate were thrown under the proverbial media bus.

"Wen asked for a response to Kyl's complaint, Hayworth spokesman Jason Rose told AZ/DC: "We respectfully decline the request and would encourage Senator McCain to get a sense of humor. After all, if Sunday's show did have an award for best election year flip-flopping and transparent conservative conversion, the incumbent would surely win the Oscar.""

Oh how right that statement is.  I have seen McCain on the talking head programs the past week or so and he is clearly in a "Redefine Mode"; running and talking as if he were a staunch conservative.  Cough, Cough! RINO!  Leaders lead.  This guy is looking around seeing which way the crowd is running, jumping in front and proclaiming himself the leader.

BTW:  I did vote for McCain's vice president and choked back the vomit. It was kinda like being given a choice to be sot with a .22 or .44 mag.  Both could be lethal but it might have taken a little longer to bleed out.

Update:  Original add, much more racist, snicker, but blue has been the self picked color of the Dem's for some time now.

March 3, 2010

Dish Network: A review

If you are looking to subscribing to The Dish Network I would make the recommendation as no, never, shoot yourself first.  I Just received an unsolicited call from " The Dish Network" offering me service.  OK, no big deal.  I have dealt with telemarketers before and have learned that if I am polite and say I am not interested It saves both of us a lot of time. 

Back to the call, I let this person make his opening statement and then say, "I am not interested but thanks for calling. Thank you very much". That is exactly what I said. No more, no less, in a mostly cheerful tone.  He started again and I said and I quote,  "I am not interested but thanks for calling.  Thank you very much" this time in a slightly firmer tone.  He continues..  "How much do you pay for.."  I cut him off and say "I am not interested but thanks for calling. Thank you very much.", this time in the calmest manner possible (Picture a Drill Sergeant warning a recruit that he is treading into dangerous territory and about to get his guts stomped out by abn irate D.I. if not careful.)
At this point he shold have hung up but kept going and I lose it.  I raised my voice a bit and said "I am not interested but thanks for calling. Fuck You very much!"

Now I am sure all telemarketers have had people cuss at them.  I bet they have had all types on the phone from one point or another, but I highly doubt they are taught to cuss back at their prospective clients.  He responds "Fuck You!".  There is a bunch of laughter in the background. And I am pretty sure I said "I was polite several times now. I am not interested. Fuck you very much."  He responds FUCK YOU! with laughter in the background.  Now If this is the way prospective clients are treated I only cringe how this company will treat it's paying customers.  What a bunch of assholes.  This P.O.S. should be fired.

BTW: Call came in at 18:13 est. from phone number (904) 262-0212 and had a caller I.D. of World Wide Comm.  Beware.  (I also let him know I would make others aware of this.  He laughed and said "fuck you".  Nobody ever warned him the Internetz is serious business.)

Sorry Charlie or Rangel stepping down from tax-writing chairmanship

It is about time that this sorry disgrace of a hypercritical P.O.S. stepped down.  Why so long?

Story: Rangel stepping down from tax-writing chairmanship

And a little related fun from the past: Mr. Tax Law Writing Tax Evader .

March 1, 2010

The Progressive Nanny State and Murder for the Greater Good, A follow up.

As a follow up my previous post, The Progressive Nanny State and Murder for the Greater Good,  here is a story that illustrates what dangers the individual citizen faces when the state becomes involved in Prohibition.

Story: Family questions SWAT drug search that led to dog’s death.

In the comments:
There is so much missing from this it's disgraceful. The dog ran to the door and was barking... Anybody else have a dog that does this when someone comes to the door much less smashes it in??? Shots were fired all through this house. Numerous shots were fired thoughout this house. 7 in the pitbull itself. Blood everywhere! Bullet holes in the walls, moldings, tile. Will the City be paying for that to be fixed?? They didn't know any details when they went in. I would love to know which judge signed off on the search warrant. CPD had NO idea he was married and NO idea he had a child! Don't you think that might be something you want to get to know before you storm a house? Not like they don't live in a nice neighborhood as well. 30+ officers and a swat bus for a dimebag and a pipe. 2 different neighbors called police reporting shots fired. Dispatch told said callers there were no officers on scene! What a cluster****! If I still lived in CoMO I wouldn't vote for a single thing to support CPD. The idiots are running the assylum!

So its OK to have SWAT kick in a door, shoot two pet dogs, a Pit Bull and a Corgi, killing the Bit Bull, for what appears to be a misdemeanor amount of marijuana.  Then throw on a child endangerment charge?  How nice.  How about an extra charge for kitchen knives and floor cleaner in the house.  I am a strong supporter of law enforcement and am not a fan of Pit Bulls or drug dealers, but come on folks.  Was the risk taken by the SWAT team worth it.  Multiple gun shots in a house with human lives present including a seven year old. a wife,  for a little pot. Hell even a lot of pot!  Bottom line is that the cops were ready to kill , or be killed themselvs for that matter, to enforce these laws.  Is it really worth it.

Stairway to Heaven

For those that did not know, Stairway to Heaven was originally penned Lennon and McCartney back in '64.  All rights to the song were lost to Plant and Page during a Drinking contest some years later.  This long lost tape has just recently been found, and shows the fab four performing the song in it's original arrangement.  Enjoy.

Just Kidding :-)