February 5, 2010

TOTUS strikes again!

This proves he has no real Idea about the context of his speech. The word meant nothing to him. NOTHING! It was just a bunch of letters on TOTUS. Go through the motions, move on. It would have been better to say Navy or Marine Medic ( if this person is a Corpsman; but could be a CTI or Interpretive Cryptologic Technicians that handles language translation).  This at least would have just shown his lack of understanding of our armed forces.

However this proves; He speaks without understanding!  Gulp!

I remember Clinton made a speech on board one of our CVN’s years back. He said something like, “thanks to all the great sailors of this fine ship, from the Stern, (He points aft) to the Bow”, (pronounced as in “bow neck tie” or rimes with “Big Toe” and points forward while glancing at his notes) That was good for a chuckle, this on the other-hand is scary.

February 4, 2010

Soaped But

This just in from The La-salamander.

"While checking ticket prices for the Willy Nelson concert happening next week, I was prompted to this security check page before seeing the ticket prices. After seeing the prices of tickets and seats available, I think I know why they have this security check."

Sen. Gregg Blasts WH Budget Chief on Capitol Hill Over Obama's Plan to Use TARP as a "Piggy Bank"

When the goverment refuses to recognize the law it is called what?
What is the citizens duty?
(I am friggen Fuming!)
Found at: http://www.sondrak.com/

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What Is the First Amendment For?

I have always advocated that freedom of speech is freedom of all speech, particularly political speech.  Let the good ideas as well as the bad compete unfettered by particularly the government.

Good read, especially if you consider yourself a conservative.

Story: What Is the First Amendment For?

"Citizens United v. Federal Election commission — the recent case in which the Supreme Court invalidated a statute prohibiting corporations and unions from using general treasury funds either to support or defeat a candidate in the 30 days before an election, and overruled an earlier decision relied on by the minority — has now been commented on by almost everyone, including the president of the United States in his state of the union address." 

"Only Thomas has the courage of the majority’s declared convictions. Often the most principled of the judges (which doesn’t mean that I always like his principles), he is willing to follow a principle all the way, and so he rebukes his colleagues in the majority for preferring the value of more information to the value the First Amendment mandates — absolutely free speech unburdened by any restriction whatsoever including the restriction of having to sign your name. Thomas has caught his fellow conservatives in a consequentialist moment."

February 1, 2010

Awkward Family Photos

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This Is Sparta!

This is Sparta!