August 6, 2010

367mph school bus bus!

Original story: Motoring enthusiast builds 367mph bus

Powered by an after-burning General Electric J79 engine from an F-4 Phantom Fighter, my first thought was that the big boxy School bus would have better aerodynamic propperties  than the aircraft it came out of.

Building your own Jet powered, car, tractor or Hover-round you might just need the IPB for the J-79 see the add to the right.

Black Tea party Patriots in action.

Black Tea party Patriots in action.  Racist?  No!  Patriots?  Yes!  Balls?  You betchya!

You can't stop the signal!    (Blatently stolen from The real King of France.)

August 5, 2010

Holery Carp!

  Wow!  Talk about being robed of a home run! Outstanding play.

For a good laugh check out the name on the jersey!

August 2, 2010

You can't stop the signal.

As a SciFi fan I am reminded of the line  in Serenity.  This document, Disco and Atomic War, is about growing up in Estonia, and the effect of Finish television in the former Soviet Union. The full movie can be seen below but only for a limited time.  I highly recommend watching.

I have a sneaky feeling history will prove that cell phone video and YouTube will have the same effect in this country.  "You can't stop the signal".

Some get it and some don't.

Now there is Hope!