November 14, 2013

Affordable (my ass) Care or Obama (don't) Care---- A Rant

Ok I  getting just a bit fed up....  Lets call this what it is and stop fooling ourselves.
This healthcare kluster F*** has little to nothing to do with healthcare.  In my opinion BarryCare was never intended to work. It is simply another piece in the effort to overwhelm the American system with costs, inefficiency and debt. Why do this? Simple……What is left of our Capitalist Constitutional Republic must be destroyed and subsequently declared a failure, by the Progressives so they can build their “utopian empire”. Time to call it what it is…. it’s a con. Like "The War on Poverty", Fail!(con) War on Drugs, a con, Failure! War on freedom and self determination,....ummm, well they are doing a pretty good job on that, they just call it something else like The affordable Care Act, Brady Bill or Directive 10-289

Hell look at what I wrote on March 23, 2010 and the comments!!
So lets see, the government has over regulated the insurance industry thus causing costs to go up. It then turns around and says people can't afford heath care so we are going to make it cheaper, but they actually make it more expensive and get more people dropped.  And never ever  do they blame themselves when things go poorly?  NO!  I even hear people that are normally quite reasonable say that ACA needs to be replaced with something. Hell! If your house is on fire you don’t need to REPLACE the fire with something else! You put out the fire. It needs to go away forever! 

Want to fix healthcare? Allow insurance to be sold across state lines! (if there ever was a proper use of the interstate commerce clause this would be one!!) 50 states with a dozen or so Insurers, each with about a dozen plans, and you have over 7000 choices! Bet you can find a good one that fits just right!
Does a single 50 year old man with a vasectomy need coverage for child birth? Do a lesbian couple
need or want coverage for prostate cancer screening?….. With 7000 choices I bet there’s a plan for that……
But nooooo! Gubberment must be up the ass of every frigging thing and every time it “Fixes something" we loose……and get one step closer to a totalitarian hell, steeped in inefficiency and lies.
BTW: Heath insurance came to be as a byproduct (unintended consequence) of governmental regulation. Durring WWII wages were frozen and business need skilled employees. Competition was fierce and employees could not be attracted with higher wages. What could be done is to offer “Benefits” such as stock, paid vacation, paid sick days, and yes…Pay your Dr. bills or health insurance! Now I know this is all commonplace today but before this you worked, and then got paid…. That was it. (But man is innovative,  we figure out how to get what we want/need despite the rules and regulation, be it a benefit program, the black market or whatever.  The law of unintended consequences always will rear its ugly head in one form or another.  Can't wait to see what happens in this case....just out of perverse curiosity)
Well damn it!...Wish I could run off to the Gulch or ship out to  The off world colonies……but…….. oh well, Guess I'll see you at the district lottery, in the Silo, at carrousel, or whatever the Social Utopian outcome is to be…. O brave new world!!!!

End Rant........sigh.