October 24, 2013

Why Chicago thug politics dont work or another reason why the Obama administration has failed.

  By any rational measure the Obama administration has failed; and I would dare say miserably so.  The facts speak for themselves and I really don't think it is needed to list them out one by one, the failures are self evident. What has really interested me is not just why from a policy/mechanical standpoint, but why from a philosophical- systems point of view? 
Well there are many facets to this question being, financial, social, military, pure political, and how to execute power;  just to name a few.  However what each element has in common is how it is executed or how it is done.  Otherwise stated, the operational philosophy of the administration.  So what is the operational philosophy of the administration?  It is by no means passive or lawful. It rewards friends, punishes enemies and intimidates the rest.  Loyalty and strict obedience is of paramount importance if one is to maintain favor within the administration.  Payment must be received in the form of political donations and public support). This sounds like, and has been described as, a lot like an "Crime Family" or "Chicago thug politics".....  I fully agree.
This is not to say that a crime family or Chicago thug politics is not efficient or effective method to execute political will, it is or it would not exist.  It is a real efficient way to wield power, influence people and business, and make take money however, in order for it to work it has to be conducted within the confines of a lawful society.  The gangster needs the stable and lawful environment to function. (The gangster gets to break the law while no one else can.)  The crime family can not be everywhere, police everything, and have total control.  It needs the lawful environment because it parasitically feeds off of it.

Chicago thug politics only work in Chicago because Chicago is within the confines of an otherwise lawful state.  If the lawful state did not exist or somehow vanished the Thug Society would devolve into a lawless state run by warlords not unlike Somalia.
Now lets quickly upscale to the Obama administration.  The "Crime Family" is now in charge of it all.  It can and does anything it wants.  It spies on it's citizens, breaks law and blatantly disregards the constitution, prints money willy-nilly, makes friends with the evil and alienates long time allies.  Favors are granted to the loyal, perceived foes are punished, and the innocent intimidated.  But at what cost.
The cost is the integrity of the United States.  Their is no state for the "City".  The gangster has found itself responsible and accountable for the fire department public works, maintain the bridges, the court system and handling real disputes countries world wide.  Micro-managing does not work.  Flashy promises are hollow.  Real results are expected and needed.  What results is it all starts to fall apart as we are seeing today. Just look at some headlines just grabbed seconds ago....

So how do we avoid the inevitable gang war?  We take every lawful measure to elect these thugs out and remain un-intimidated.

Mental note:  When an individual becomes lawless he becomes a criminal.  When the government becomes lawless it becomes tyranny.

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