July 10, 2014

Toddlers Know the Truth... Until They're Talked out of It

Toddlers Know the Truth... Until They're Talked out of It

I have privately joked that I am not been  mentally contaminated by a higher formal education, though my continual  murdering of the English language would beg to differ.  When I read Jefferson's quote in this article
"State a moral case to a plowman and a professor. The former will decide it as well, and often better than the latter, because he has not been led astray by artificial rules."
I was hooked and hade to share.

"Toddlers may be ignorant of many things, but they understand basic elements of life quite clearly. And we can see that understanding in the three things we hear every toddler say, over and over:

It’s mine.
You said.
It’s not fair.
I doubt there’s a semi-intelligent adult in the English-speaking world who hasn’t heard those words dozens of times. So, let’s look at the understanding they contain:"  Clicky here: Toddlers Know the Truth... Until They're Talked out of It

July 9, 2014

What do we do about it?

    A few day ago while having a deep social/philosophical discussion with some new friends regarding  what our country and western culture has become  I was asked a remarkably well timed and
simple question; "What do we do about it?".   I was caught off guard and replied truthfully, "I don't know."  No one involved in the discussion disputed the degenerative path we, as a country, are skipping down to hell with holding a hand basket full of hopelessness.  So how does one individual maintain his/her integrity and fight the system, a system that in it's current state is corrupt immoral and unjust?
The problem as I see it is akin to fans funning onto the football field after the big game.  If one or two fans run onto the field , security will tackle 'em, cuff 'em, and stuff 'em in a cell.  However if a dozen charge the field, well things change quickly.  That situation is the most dangerous,  the point when the "Security" feels threatened and feels things may tip out of control.  This is the point where the nightsticks start swinging. No one wants to be the first 25 on the field and get their clock cleaned.  And the fear of that is what keeps the fans in the stands, the fear of physical harm.  This fear is the fulcrum the state uses to keep us in our place.  However when the fulcrum of fear has been removed the minds of the fans, the field is flooded with fans and security is
rendered flaccid in the face of the mob.
Back to the question:  What do we do about it?  First let me state whatever one decides to do must be moral and not violate ones integrity.  Additionally whatever is decide must not violate another persons individual rights.  To not do so is to just be an agitator, rabble, unjust and immoral ceding any right to any credibility.  With that said let me ask do you feel powerless and if so why?  My bet is if you do feel powerless it is out of fear.  Fear of not being able to make a difference, fear of ridicule, fear of being numbers 1-25 running onto the field and getting wacked with the baton.  Oh! These are real fears, but fears nevertheless.  Fear though has to be quantified and put in its rightful place.  So after thinking about it I came up with the answer.  Rationally think about your fears and integrity and prioritize your actions with the relationship between the two in  mind.
So what does this mean?  Well it will mean something different to each and every person.  It may be as simple as overcoming the fear of publicly ridiculing someone who cuts in line at the grocery store. It may be actually penning a letter expressing ones heartfelt concerns and letting go of the fear of being monitored.  It may to  reinvestigate a closely held premises when contradicted.  One may decide to respond to a friends Facebook post and ask for an explanation of the "Progressive Meme". Decide how your actions or inaction can help or not.  And yes inaction is as valuable at times.  Think if you refused to rent a room, car, serve a meal etc. to a member of the organization you strongly oppose.
The bottom line is this, do not be afraid to act (or not) on your values.  Do not violate your integrity. I
am not going to say "Don't be afraid".  Be very afraid if warranted but measure that fear alongside your values and integrity. I am not going to go into what happens when the state becomes all powerful....
For me, I am getting over my fear of cleaning up filthy stinking messes.