March 1, 2015

Our republic us out of scale

  It is my opinion that we are no longer represented by our elected officials because the voting public has too little influence as compared to a big corporation or the deep pockets of special interest groups. Corporatism now abounds while capitalism is pushed to the side, and blamed for any failure or perceived social injustice. The path we are on is doomed to failure because it is a consumptive process, stripping drive ambition, wealth and capital in exchange for privilege and power. 

  Our republic us out of scale.    

   The Wright brothers built their experimental flying machine in their spare time apart from their bicycle manufacturing business . Does one think the same freedom exists today to achieve? What type of permits and government permission would be required if a parallel venture were to happen today? How much innovation has been stifled because of the ever increasing and invasive bureaucracy.   
  We are out of scale. There is no chance to ever run into any of our elected officials in line at the Wallymart or grocery. Our officials are distant and faceless to us in everyday life.  We only see what the media allows us to see.  We are disconnected from our leadership and they are disconnected from us.. I think it may be time to start thinking about resizing our republic.
 The first census in 1790 counted 4 million Americans. Based on that count, the total number of members elected to the House of Representatives grew from the original 65 to 106.  That rounds up to about 38,000 individuals per congressman as compared to today with a population of 319 million with 435 house representatives a ratio of 733,333 to one, a twenty fold increase.  If we were to stick with the math we would need to have over 8,395 house representatives! 
  At first this number seems insane, but is it?  How much more difficult would it be for corporate or special interest to line the pockets lobby so many more representatives.  In reality one only has to lobby one half of one party or roughly 1/4 of the house, 108 members with the present structure as compared to 2,098 if we maintained the scale of the past.  Think how special interest would have to put so much more effort and money to lobby an extra 2,000 members, yet you, the individual would be much more closely connected.
Would getting legislation passed more or less difficult?  I don't know, and don't care frankly, it's  just having a larger number of cats to herd .


January 27, 2015

Make mine freedom

Sometimes a look to the past is needed, so lets do so, in this case a film from 1948 made by .

 Hmmmm. I guess we were warned.  Sigh........  Guess its all in the reflexes....

Must drink from the cup of objective thought...

January 15, 2015

Capitalism, a moral construct and why they must destroy it...

   Yesterday I happened to reach my hand into the preverbal bucket of ells over at cmblake6's porch
discussing the interest in both political parties on raising gas taxes because the cost of fossil fuels is down at the moment,  sparking some fundamental thinking and specifically  asking myself why? (This is en edited and expanded version/of my comments on his page)

On energy:

 Fundamentally keeping energy costs down is the most critical aspect to the function of a society. The lower the cost, the greater we all benefit and inversely, the higher the cost of energy the less efficient any activity costs with no benefit being realized. Lower the cost of energy and all of a sudden, new mines become profitable, farmers can run pumps and till the soil for less $$ and it costs less to run the beer cooler at the local mini-mart. The result is more stuff, cheaper for everyone and yep , that’s a simplification but true, everyone wins.

  "But my friend Joe works in the oilfield and he is afraid of being laid off"

We can always find a case of individual hardship if we look close enough, but the reality is the entire
society benefits from lower energy costs.  This is what the left does, uses emotion to get their way, to ratchet up the rhetoric.  We don't do that here if we wish to be intellectually honest and maintain integrity.

So why would any Republican party member want to increase taxes on energy? Well I will answer that, that is because these progressive Republicans do not have, recognize, or have compromised the moral value of capitalism. And YES!  Capitalism is a moral construct, it is an ideal.

"Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned.

The recognition of individual rights entails the banishment of physical force from human
relationships: basically, rights can be violated only by means of force. In a capitalist society, no man or group may initiate the use of physical force against others. The only function of the government, in such a society, is the task of protecting man’s rights, i.e., the task of protecting him from physical force; the government acts as the agent of man’s right of self-defense, and may use force only in retaliation and only against those who initiate its use; thus the government is the means of placing the retaliatory use of force under objective control."

And the very ideal must be destroyed by the progressives, socialist, tribal chieftain or any other oligarchies for that matter.

   "When I say “capitalism,” I mean a full, pure, uncontrolled, unregulated laissez-faire capitalism—with a separation of state and economics, in the same way and for the same reasons as the separation of state and church."--A.Rand

Why? Because Capitalism, proves them all wrong. With true capitalism, not this phony semi
socialistic cronyism we have now, there is no such thing as a poor oppressed working class that is so needed in our favorite socialistic societies. Class privilege is non existent as are monopolies in true capitalism. Economic mobility, freedom of expression abound. Capitalism thrives in a limited government setting, while socialism can only exist with the heavy fist of the state, and well, the state is not going to willingly cede power.

Increasing the cost of energy through taxation is like adding abrasive to the oil of an engine, the engine has to work harder due to the added friction; the same is true for an economy, and if I were asked on the best and quickest way to damage the ideal of capitalism, I would increase the cost of energy at every level and blame capitalism for its own failure at every turn. Sound familiar ?  

So why are these guys in office? WTF? Time to get some real challengers lined up for the next primary….. I an so tired of the immoral/unprincipled/chameleon claiming they are leading us….. 

“Only fundamental principles, rationally validated, clearly understood and voluntarily accepted, can create a desirable kind of unity among men.”—A. Rand

I dare any politician to answerer  the following question:    (Oh how I would love to moderate a live primary debate!)

Does man need values at all—and why?

Recommended reading:  Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal

January 9, 2015

Bucket of Eels, an analogy

  I know my posting has been lacking in the recent past and I apologize.  One reason is that I am having a hard time tiring to get my head around the events of the recent past and how to make sense of them. Too much to for one to comprehend each issue individually, too much to handle all at once.  There has been, police murders at the hands of racists, protests, betrayal by our elected officials (Congress and the election of our overly tan Speaker), attacks by Islamofacits in France, and the creation of a new Federal program, MyIRA, by the Executive Branch (uhhhh???  Unconstitutional!!!!)....the list goes on. 

  Just how is one to deal with all of this at once?   Well one cant.  In my political/ philosophical thinking I have come up with the concept/analogy that it is like "A Bucket of Eels"; slimy, always in motion, each eel blending with the others, at any one moment any one eel (issue) can not be seen completely.  The issue or eel hides behind others intertwining in the total slime of its environment. Try to grab any specific eel out of the bucket and chances are you will come up empty handed and covered in slime. (The progressive rely on this!!!)

   I remember a family friend we would visit by boat, my family and I  crossing the Great South Bay
from Long Island, NY to his residence on Fire Island.  This gentleman whom was retired, seemed ancient to me as teen and was as "Salty" as the day was long in summer.  I remember him prepping eels he had trapped for market.  He would prep his hands with sand, reach into the bucket and expertly remove a live squirming eel and stun it by throwing it against a board. The stunned eel would then be expertly gutted and skinned in one fluid motion; a single cut and a pull resulting in  the head skin and organs tossed to the waiting sea birds, the silver grey eel prepped for market.

  So as for my analogy its pretty simple to see how politicians, activist and the media are represented by the eels, but how to deal with them is best represented by the old Long Island Fisherman.  The sand on your hands is your philosophy, it provides for your grip on the issue; one must have a firm grip on the issue.  Does one have the ability to grip every issue/eel all at once?  No, but once you have a grip, stun the issue with irrefutable facts and quickly skin it showing its true inner structure, repeat until the bucket is empty.  Apply as much sand as necessary and repeat until the bucket is empty. 

Skinning eels may be difficult but the results are delicious...

November 25, 2014

Some loot by breaking windows, others with a voting booth.

Some loot by breaking windows, others with a voting booth.
   I am at the point of just letting them have it; meaning do nothing, no fire department, no police, turn off the electricity, and leave... Let the looters (throwing bricks) figure out how to restock the shelvs at Wallgreen’s. Let the looters (the zero liability voters) figure out who to tax into oblivion when the factories close up and move. I want to stand at the smoldering perimeter (both literally and figuratively) and shout "This is yours! This is your world, a direct representation of your values. Do with it what you will, but I will refuse to do anything. Do not ask me for food, shelter or warmth. This is your world, live in it if you can."

July 10, 2014

Toddlers Know the Truth... Until They're Talked out of It

Toddlers Know the Truth... Until They're Talked out of It

I have privately joked that I am not been  mentally contaminated by a higher formal education, though my continual  murdering of the English language would beg to differ.  When I read Jefferson's quote in this article
"State a moral case to a plowman and a professor. The former will decide it as well, and often better than the latter, because he has not been led astray by artificial rules."
I was hooked and hade to share.

"Toddlers may be ignorant of many things, but they understand basic elements of life quite clearly. And we can see that understanding in the three things we hear every toddler say, over and over:

It’s mine.
You said.
It’s not fair.
I doubt there’s a semi-intelligent adult in the English-speaking world who hasn’t heard those words dozens of times. So, let’s look at the understanding they contain:"  Clicky here: Toddlers Know the Truth... Until They're Talked out of It

July 9, 2014

What do we do about it?

    A few day ago while having a deep social/philosophical discussion with some new friends regarding  what our country and western culture has become  I was asked a remarkably well timed and
simple question; "What do we do about it?".   I was caught off guard and replied truthfully, "I don't know."  No one involved in the discussion disputed the degenerative path we, as a country, are skipping down to hell with holding a hand basket full of hopelessness.  So how does one individual maintain his/her integrity and fight the system, a system that in it's current state is corrupt immoral and unjust?
The problem as I see it is akin to fans funning onto the football field after the big game.  If one or two fans run onto the field , security will tackle 'em, cuff 'em, and stuff 'em in a cell.  However if a dozen charge the field, well things change quickly.  That situation is the most dangerous,  the point when the "Security" feels threatened and feels things may tip out of control.  This is the point where the nightsticks start swinging. No one wants to be the first 25 on the field and get their clock cleaned.  And the fear of that is what keeps the fans in the stands, the fear of physical harm.  This fear is the fulcrum the state uses to keep us in our place.  However when the fulcrum of fear has been removed the minds of the fans, the field is flooded with fans and security is
rendered flaccid in the face of the mob.
Back to the question:  What do we do about it?  First let me state whatever one decides to do must be moral and not violate ones integrity.  Additionally whatever is decide must not violate another persons individual rights.  To not do so is to just be an agitator, rabble, unjust and immoral ceding any right to any credibility.  With that said let me ask do you feel powerless and if so why?  My bet is if you do feel powerless it is out of fear.  Fear of not being able to make a difference, fear of ridicule, fear of being numbers 1-25 running onto the field and getting wacked with the baton.  Oh! These are real fears, but fears nevertheless.  Fear though has to be quantified and put in its rightful place.  So after thinking about it I came up with the answer.  Rationally think about your fears and integrity and prioritize your actions with the relationship between the two in  mind.
So what does this mean?  Well it will mean something different to each and every person.  It may be as simple as overcoming the fear of publicly ridiculing someone who cuts in line at the grocery store. It may be actually penning a letter expressing ones heartfelt concerns and letting go of the fear of being monitored.  It may to  reinvestigate a closely held premises when contradicted.  One may decide to respond to a friends Facebook post and ask for an explanation of the "Progressive Meme". Decide how your actions or inaction can help or not.  And yes inaction is as valuable at times.  Think if you refused to rent a room, car, serve a meal etc. to a member of the organization you strongly oppose.
The bottom line is this, do not be afraid to act (or not) on your values.  Do not violate your integrity. I
am not going to say "Don't be afraid".  Be very afraid if warranted but measure that fear alongside your values and integrity. I am not going to go into what happens when the state becomes all powerful....
For me, I am getting over my fear of cleaning up filthy stinking messes.