November 20, 2013

Are we witnessing the Left turning on The Obama Administration?

In my ponderings  have come to the conclusion that the progressives never ever blame anything on their own failed ideas.  It is always we need more money, more time, a more regulation a new program, a new law, or a new leader.  The "idea" in their mind is never faulty, it is always something else...  You see, the progressive ideology is a religion of sorts, being that it is not based on rational thought on the surface anyway. It's more like Blind Faith and shallow thinking.  Kind of like... "Feeding fish in my tank is good and food is good for fish.   So if the fish are dying they must be fed more!  And you say they need less food? You must be racist against fish!!"
One could make the argument it may be rational to destroy our constitutional republic and replace it
with a "Progressive Utopia" with themselves in charge, but they don't do that..... That would be intellectually honest.  And when a progressive dares become intellectually honest he must realize that he/she is either misinformed or Evil.  Take the misinformed "Progressive" for example, he does not view himself as evil and  quite frankly the view is just the opposite.  The self view is one of an altruistic nature that values "helping others".  Being viewed as good especially by others, is a desired status that is held at the highest premium. 
So what is the happens in the mind of a progressive that becomes intellectually honest?  Lets start with what I believe to be the minority of the set.  This is the person that "Just wants the power" and at any cost. He just cant say it  out loud, at least until he has full control, otherwise way to much opposition. I'll use the term "Inherently Evil Progressive".  If he speaks honestly it is only within his trusted circles.
So then we are left with the second type I will call "The Altruistic Progressive", and if this type of Progressive is challenged they have a few choices. They can be intellectually honest and openly debate,(and learn) or shut down and act as if their ideas are infallible and that any challenge is irrelevant.
I dare say that the latter is the primary choice, and for good reason.  It is difficult to have closely held ideas to be proven wrong.  The "Progressive Religion"  can not be wrong.......Because, well,  Brondo has electrolytes.
Rationally speaking though, I understand, It is very difficult to have true empathy for all of mankind. It is hard to truly believe and act as if all men are created equal. It is gut wrenching to see pain and suffering.  It is way too humbling to say "I was wrong".  Much easier to blame not enough  money, time, yell for regulation or a new program, pen a new law, or blame the leader. 
So are we witnessing this now?  Has the Altruistic Progressives started to turn on their dear leader?  When John Stewart, SNL, and Bill Clinton toss him under the bus my magic 8 ball says "Signs point to yes".


  1. Excellent post, loved the whole of it. Seems like that break you took was good for your thought processes!

  2. And yet, this was a while ago. Where'd you go? You commented at mine, so where's some new posts?

    1. cmblake6, Just have been busy with real life and haven't been "Inspired" so to speak.... Promise I will not leave ya'll hanging too long.... Have some semi deep thoughts stirring.... well maybe not so deep, things we see all the time and rarely does anyone speak the truth about them..... Tell you what in the mean time Ill put something fun up that explains "Why I am what I am" (thanks for the motivation brother!)