March 23, 2010

The Health Care Bill Is Not Socialism.

I have taken some time  off to watch the Health Care bill unfold, reserving an immediate opinion until I have fully digested what has happened.  My immediate reaction was that "This is socialism".

But this bill is not socialism, it is Statism using a socialistic tactic. Look at what has been done; You no longer have ownership of you own body. You are taxed/fined by the mere fact of your existence. By definition you are a subject of the State. Your body is now owned by the State. If you refuse to pay your Tax/Fine you will go to Jail. If you refuse to go to jail the State will KILL you. (Now that's healthy) Your life has now become a privilege granted by the State.

My points will not be debated by supporters of this bill in a rational manner. The supporters of this bill and other progressive ideas like this will dismiss me as a nut, but the truth remains. You are no longer a sovereign entity. You are a subject. By no action of your own and only by reason of your existence, you are now coerced to action for the benefit of the State.

What was done is Unconstitutional or more simply stated, against the law and most importantly, immoral.
Our fundamental relationship with the government has changed and the change is for the worse.

GOP Challenges Constitutionality
IRS to Enforce Health Reform

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  1. Yes it fucking IS socialism. We have one more chance this November. If we do not take back this nation through the ballot box this year, next year must be the final box of politics, the ammo box.

  2. Cmblake,
    Sorry didn't mean to get you all riled up, but my point is that this is much more devious than socialism. Socialism was used as a tactic to facilitate a Statist policy. In this case veiled Socialism paved the way to the totalitarian state. This bill does little to help anyone and destroys individual natural rights all at the same time. (I rhetorically ask; To what end?)

    Believe me I have the political tar on the burner and have taken my Gerber to my comfy down pillow in anticipation for the next election. (Libitards and Rinos beware!)

    God forbid there is any monkey business with the election. If that happens all bets are off and who knows what will happen.
    Keep your powder dry, and keep up your good work.

  3. >> What was done is Unconstitutional or more simply stated, against the law and most importantly, immoral.

    I don't see it as immoral. The ethics of an action stem from the consequences of that action. If this insurance reform increases access to health care, leads to better treatment of disease, and improves and extends human lives, then that must be considered good. Certainly it must be weighed against other consequences, such as its effects on freedom .... but how much value do we place on the 'freedom' to not pay for insurance and then get critical care that one cannot pay for?

  4. Anon,

    Right I got it anything goes. When Clinton committed perjury your side defended him. Barry and his boys dismissed the charges against the Black Panthers voter intimidation case, despite clear video documentation of the event. You said nothing. You ignore the attorney generals "omissions" during his confirmation hearing, you ignore Barny Frank ruining the housing market and small business. (you ignore the facts. You are so friggin selective in your morality it in its self is immoral. Once you have a credible thought/argument, someone might pay attention to you; otherwise your point is just more moon-bat gobbly gook. Re-read the above and pay close attention to "My points will not be debated by supporters of this bill in a rational manner."

  5. Anon,

    This bill will do nothing but make access to health care even more difficult and or impossible. One of the members of Canadian government had to fly to the United States to have procedures done because he could not wait in line. I see this happening all of the time. We have at least two Canadians here in Texas seeking health care. Most of these are what we would call critical procedures yet in Canada you can sit and wait. I have also seen a few people from England doing the same thing. These are facts.
    Yet we seem to embolden on going down the same path that has failed in every country. Our country cannot even run and fund Medicare! Why would we think they can do total health care. Should you ever have the guts to see what total health care provided by out inept government go to a American Indian reservation ask them how that plan worked for them. Some are doing a lot better now because they have casinos and they use that money to serve their people. Once again showing the private sector can do a better job. Good Lord man they can't even deliver mail with out messing that up.