November 8, 2013

Space Marines, Johnny Cash, Pancakes and Death by Black hole.

Space Marines, Johnny Cash, Pancakes and Death by Black hole; how much better can it get for cheesy sci-fi?  This YouTube gem is a must see if you are a fan of any of the above.
Space: Above and Beyond if anyone remembers was a very short lived Sci-fi series that lasted only one season on the Fox network.  It featured poor acting, semi bad special effects, and semi cheesy plots..... but it had something.....  It had a certain familiarity that could be recognized, probably because of the equipment and well... just the idea of  space marines is cool.  The Marine pilots fly the SA-43 Endo/Exo-Atmospheric Attack Jet, "Hammerhead" from Space Carrier USS Saratoga and battle the really nasty  alien race of "Chigs". .... And all this five years before Halo appeared on the market, not to mention the film adaptation of Starship Troopers* two years later.  I dare say S: AAB might have just influenced a few writers, directors and programmers.  Happy geeking out!
* BruHa's Note:  Read the book!  Read the Book!


  1. Entirely too cool! Maybe America wasn't ready yet?

  2. Yep, very cool, but the show defiantly tried to stuff 20 lbs. of stuff in a 5 lbs. bag. Probably was a good thing it got canceled early, nothing is more disgusting then when a sci-fi jumps the shark.

  3. Seen "Ender's Game" yet? Ooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Haven't seen it yet, but dang I loved the book!