November 6, 2009

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Sergeant Kimberly Munley ---- Hero


Thank God for our first responders,  but if someone else was armed than the carnage would have been much more limited. The bad guy always gets the first shot in a "Non War" situation but being armed will almost always help you defend yourself and/or others from a lunatic, or in this case the Jihadist. Almost every person in that room had proven him or herself proficient in the use of firearms and I can not think of a safer location  than to be in the midst of dozens of armed US service men and women. One gun in that room could have saved 12 lives. Same thing in the Virgina murder spree. Fire arms should be in the hands of good people, it saves lives.
It has been reported that Hasan shouted "Allahu Akbar" - God is great - before carrying out the shootings.
Now, what this murdering P.O.S. did was an act of war. He not only violated his oath as an US Officer but his Hippocratic Oath as a medical doctor. After the trial it is my hope that this traitorous murderer hangs from the neck until dead. (And that's only because drowning in a vat of liquefied pork would be considered too unusual)

November 5, 2009

Fort Hood

I am so deeply saddened and friggin pissed off by what happened at fort hood.  the F-ing scumbag murderer that took the dozen lives did so knowing that he would be unopposed for the most part.  I wish there were just a few side arms present when the "scumbag future hell dweller" started his evil escapade.  Some return fire would have saved lives, but no.  Sarcasm Warning: Not allowed to be able to defend yourself,  it's the American way.  I think it is time to reinstate the practice of at least the officers of our armed forces openly carry loaded side arms at all times.   At most a situation like this should result in two dead , not twelve.  (I will not get into the "religion of peace" just yet but reserve the right.)