October 9, 2009

Whisky Tango Foxtrot! President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

Whisky Tango Foxtrot!

AP Story: President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

Barry was in office for 3 days when he was nominated for the NPP! Well I guess he is just guy number three to receive it because he is not George Bush. (Al gore and Jimmmmy) 
One thing makes sense now.---- Obama dragging his feet in sending troops to Afghanistan. Just can't get the NPP if you are sending troops into battle (from a lefty/progressive view point that is) . 

I have no way of knowing, but in a previous post, Where is the Calvary, I asked: What is the risk to Obama in sending more troops?  What mission will be jeopardized? What are Obama true goals. 

The risk was to Obama himself.
The mission in Jeopardy was receipt of the NPP.
I still don't know what his true goals are but I can guarantee the "mainstream" press will address Barry as "Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama" to give him credibility and gravitas in whatever propaganda story they are promoting.

What is really scary is that it is entirely possible that a United States president may have let his thinking be changed because of his NPP nomination.  (This can also be called manipulation)
There are much more worthy candidates out there.........but the left never has to quantify anything. We have not seen any change from Barry that could even warrant a nod from the committee.  If you know of something, please let me know.


  1. This was a comment found on american thinker:


    Just remember these when hearing from the Libtards about--ooooohhh Obama won the Nobel Peace prize!! (I think they mistook the name and meant Osama).

    Yasir Arafat won the Nobel "Peace" Prize for apparently wanting to exterminate Jews (Did Hitler win the prize also?) and beheading people and declaring war on US and blowing up innocent children and families in malls and pizza parlors. That and having sex with young boys while they yelled out "Tiger" at him.

    Jimmy Peanut Carter won in 2002---again for wishing the Jooooosss to vanquish. That and SLAM BUSH---hate the United States---voila! Get the Nobie! Plus he started the whole "We Suck" thing that Obama picked up in 2009.

    Al Gore won the prize for the now defunct and totally fraudulent "Inconvenient Truth . Even the British Court handed down a decision that if I.T. is shown in a public school, that there are eleven (11) claims in the movie that have to be noted are pure---bunk!. (Just eleven?)

    So enjoy your "prize" Obambi---you are in great company. As my Mother used to say--Zhiri, Zhiri! So goes Obama. The more we see him, the more ridiculous -----the better for America. Watch his poll numbers drop even more. This is a great "sixth man" award for us. Now that he's got the Nobel, why a second term? Heck, why finish your first? The WORLD Needs you Barry Sotero---go, go!!

    Lose the Olympics for Chicago---get the Nobel (hmmm, what timing?).

    Ronald Reagan frees tens (perhaps hundreds) of millions of people from Communism ----no Peace prize for you!! Apparently with Obama getting the band back together (i.e. Communism), Odingo gets the prize.

    NEXT YEAR: Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Kim Jong Il share the prize!!

  2. What!

    Cliton did't get it!

  3. I've read this article and want you all to know how negative it sounds. I'm getting sick and tired of you Right Wingnuts putting down our National Treasure "TO" (THE Obama). Some areas of interest I'd like to point out to you and why Obama won this great and Noble prize.
    1) He cured H1N1- Don't you all remember when he challenged our drug manufacturers and scientist's to do this by focusing all of his energies upon it? He wrinkled his forehead and squinted- and it came to pass. No one has suffered or died since this has happened...
    2) World Peace- The A'rabs and Israeli's love each other now and are co-minglin' and having babies. All screwall chillrins will receive a Koran in screwall. Cant have prayer, but prayer rugs are ok. BTW- Jimmy Carter was even seen eating a knish.
    3) World Heath Care- If you've read the well thought out and well written Health Care bill- The US will not only be responsible for all the people here, but whoever comes to the US and doesnt have to show ID- compasion at its best! Our taxpayers can carry the burdon!
    4) An increase in natural resources! Havent you noticed... With a wave of his wand, everything that used to emit Carbon, now emits rose smelling fresh air, your car runs on perpetual motion, and theres no need to drill for oil off our coasts like the Chinese are.

    I could go on and on, like how his adoptive home state of Il. has no riots or graf and no child need fear to walk the streets. How his ACORN organization is a breath of fresh air and has helped mankind, prostitutes and undercover reporters.

    REMEMBER- This was awarded to TO for the great things he WILL do- not for what he's done. Not like that nasty old 'W'. He only freed a country from a crazed dictator, found weapons of mass destruction that the media never reported on, stood up to the rest of the world so the US wouldnt be taken advantage of, etc.