June 28, 2011

More of the same.....

The clue wagon is still empty.....  Today via e-mail I was asked to contact Jimmy......  no last name....  no contact info.......   Do I assume that this is in regard to a person named James that I have been working with.  You bet.  Does it turn out that it is a guy that I met only once before.  You bet.   WTF!  I am about to go out of my mind.  Did you know that people might call a person named James, Jimmy, Jim or even just "J"!  Did a google search Jimmy turns up 413,000,000 results.  Guess that should have narrowed it down from the 1,880,000,000 results that James gives up.  Does anyone know or care on how to communicate?  BTW Jim gives up 776,000,000 search results.  Add that up with the 6,920,000,000 results J gets you and one has 9,989,000,000 results.  Glad I picked the right one.

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