June 24, 2011

A continuing story.....

  It was a mostly normal day, smoky and humid, kind of like the arm pit of a vagabond on a June afternoon that had been bathing in liquid smoke , but just not as pleasant. I start and back my the van out of my driveway.  I pray to be broad sided; that would end my misery.  It would all end with a big multicolored fizz would that would erupt inside the van at the moment of collision, choking me, in a race to the death with the blunt trauma that shattered my bones and spleen.  Glorious!  They won’t be able to tell the snack meat apart from me, except for maybe the taste. I squint, back out  and…….. nothing.  I am on the road and alive.  Oh well. 

The trip is pleasant but short.  Unlike other trips this one just teases with only 12 miles of serenity.  Much better to have a trip of nearly 200 miles.  You get to think on those and burn much more gas.  I arrive at the shop.   Awwww shit here we go again…...

I get out of the van to load it.  It’s loaded but damn it once again the most important piece of cargo is missing from the manifest…….  It reads Clue one ea. Qty:___ (On backorder)    I get to go out without a clue once again.

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