October 15, 2011

Don't Itch On Me.

Its been a long time since i put something up on The BruHa, and quite frankly Ive been way too busy and unmotivated and disgusted with the state of the world to come up with anything new.  However a dear friend of mine, Captain Dave Champion Goat Wrangler and part time cow whisperer, used the team "Flea Party" in reference to the Wall Street Protesters.  Well I about shot my beverage out of my nose and decided they needed a flag that symbolizes their political movement.  So in less time than it takes a hipster to score pot in Zuccotti Park I put together this Flag.  Copy and paste freely if you like.  (If someone makes a flag send one on me please)

Update: Dave "The Amazing Bowel" has informed me that Ann Coulter is the originator of the term "Flea Party" and does not want the credit.

Linkomatic to relavant story

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  1. Absolutely, positively freaking brilliant! These people are so incoherent as to turn off even the leftards!