September 30, 2009

Pa. man fire replica cannon, hits neighbor's house

A PA man shoots a replica canon through his neighbor's house:

Ammo was a 2"dia., 2lbs.  Gun was 80 lbs French and Indian War replica used in re-enactments.  The neighbor's hose was 400 yard away.  What the hell was he using for a backstop?  His neighbor's house? (dumb-shit) And  a 2 inch cannon is big by replica standards.  1.5 " is about as big as they get as replicas go. Hopefully they dont pile the charges on this dude.  Is he an idiot?  Yes.  Criminal?  No.

Video of a cannon about the same size:

Dude should stick to mortars if he is on that small of a chunk of land.

Video of bowling ball mortar:

Link:  How to load a canon

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