September 28, 2009

Bill Clinton speaks of vast, right-wing conspiracy

I just love conspiracy theories, not for the theories themselves but for the what they say about the people putting them out here.  It used to be that Black helicopters were coming  (They are actually dark green BTW), we didn't land on the moon, or 911 was an inside job.  Now Billy Boy is a conspiracy theorist, again, but the right wingers are just not as good.  (Oh billy boy, I know you had it so tough.  The Republicans were so good and tricky. We know that  they had a secret undercover  intern planted to trap you with her super  BJ seduction skills. Riighhht.....; And Hilder-Beast ahhhhh never mind.

You have got to love those that think so much of themselves that any opposition to them has to be calculated political attack on his/ her self rather than their philosophy itself.  How full of themselves can the goons be?

I can't wait until the Clinton's pull the "We can do it better than Barry card".
Coming soon to a primary near you.

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