January 23, 2014

Link-O-Rama Some Random stuff that explains things about me.......

Nothing deep today, just some randomness.

Below is the most influential (to me that is) TV commercial and toy from my childhood. Smashing up cars, twangy country inbred hillbilly music, Ford vs. Chevy,  '57 Nomad, 57 Ford.   I begged and pleaded for the set as a youngster, (and quiet frankly I think it was an easy sell to the old man at the time), and received it for Christmas one year.   My brother and I would send them down the hallway head on at each other, black streaks from single flywheel/tire on the oak floor, chunks of wood torn from the baseboard.  Speed , destruction, ramps, wheels doors and prts flying off on impact.  Good times!  Hell Yeah!  The Evel Knievel stunt cycle was a close second, but Smash up Derby was the bomb.  I even went to the real deal spending lots of time in the '70's and early '80's at Islip Speedway (Click for documentary) not even knowing that I was at the center of the Demolition Derby universe at the time.


Most influential movie....Dr. Strangelove.  With a small caveat, for me it was tie with Full Metal Jacket and full Metal lost.  And why does FMJ loose?  Well that's because of a glaring flaw in the script in one of the most famous and most often quoted scenes.  (click to watch)  I hate big flaws.... and in this case, when firing from a moving platform (you are going faster than the target) you trail the target or otherwise shoot behind the slow moving target. Duh! (Click for an example)  And by the way, if you know any glairing movie/tv mistakes that have made it deep into pop culture feel free to comment. Not stuff that is simple mistakes of props, or use of stock footage, but stuff that makes you cringe. (Like the Irish Catholic fireman drinking the wrong whisky.  Has anyone out there caught that yet? That's like wearing a Boston hat in Yankee Stadium for gods sake!!! )  Just comment below, I would love to develop a list.
Watch The full movie if you have a spare 90 min: 

Stay on the bomb run, boys. I'm going to get them doors open if it harelips everybody on Bear
Creek.---Major T. J. King Kong 

More to come----


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