March 1, 2010

The Progressive Nanny State and Murder for the Greater Good, A follow up.

As a follow up my previous post, The Progressive Nanny State and Murder for the Greater Good,  here is a story that illustrates what dangers the individual citizen faces when the state becomes involved in Prohibition.

Story: Family questions SWAT drug search that led to dog’s death.

In the comments:
There is so much missing from this it's disgraceful. The dog ran to the door and was barking... Anybody else have a dog that does this when someone comes to the door much less smashes it in??? Shots were fired all through this house. Numerous shots were fired thoughout this house. 7 in the pitbull itself. Blood everywhere! Bullet holes in the walls, moldings, tile. Will the City be paying for that to be fixed?? They didn't know any details when they went in. I would love to know which judge signed off on the search warrant. CPD had NO idea he was married and NO idea he had a child! Don't you think that might be something you want to get to know before you storm a house? Not like they don't live in a nice neighborhood as well. 30+ officers and a swat bus for a dimebag and a pipe. 2 different neighbors called police reporting shots fired. Dispatch told said callers there were no officers on scene! What a cluster****! If I still lived in CoMO I wouldn't vote for a single thing to support CPD. The idiots are running the assylum!

So its OK to have SWAT kick in a door, shoot two pet dogs, a Pit Bull and a Corgi, killing the Bit Bull, for what appears to be a misdemeanor amount of marijuana.  Then throw on a child endangerment charge?  How nice.  How about an extra charge for kitchen knives and floor cleaner in the house.  I am a strong supporter of law enforcement and am not a fan of Pit Bulls or drug dealers, but come on folks.  Was the risk taken by the SWAT team worth it.  Multiple gun shots in a house with human lives present including a seven year old. a wife,  for a little pot. Hell even a lot of pot!  Bottom line is that the cops were ready to kill , or be killed themselvs for that matter, to enforce these laws.  Is it really worth it.


  1. It strains reason to suggest that cannabis policy is the result of a 'progressive nanny state' ... instead, we saw conservatives spread irrational fear about the effects of the substance. If their story was true and marijuana did cause people to become violent mother-stabbers and father-rapers, then the policies would be appropriate.

  2. Chile has a strong mandatory federal building code - that government 'infringed' on people's freedom and 'forced' them to build according to designs that resist earthquakes. This certainly saved many thousands of lives. Yet I suspect that many libertarians are still opposed to such common sense government policies. I'm guessing that people in Chile are grateful for that policy, and while they are generally in favor of freedom, they are not irrational absolutists in this respect .... sometimes everyone is better off if freedom is not worshiped as the ultimate goal.


    Unit 10-02

  3. Anon,

    You protest too much. What is it about freedom you fear?

  4. In the case of Chile, I fear that if there were not mandatory building codes enforced by the government, that many more people would have been killed.

    I don't think I'm the one who protests too much - I accept reasonable regulation, while opposing only those which are excessive. It is you who reflexively protests almost every government policy, even when they maximize the good.

  5. Anon,

    You bring up building codes in Chile and think that has something to do with a SWAT team shooting up a house in the U.S. for a misdemeanor amount of weed? WTF?

    What I am pointing out, as a Constitutionalists/Libertarian/Conservative is that we are well on our way to becoming a "Police State", due to the "Progressive" Policy of our government and the thinking of people like you.

    When did cops become "Law enforcement officers" rather than "Peace Officers"? I will tell you; it is when they started working for the "State" rather than the people.

    Should we shoot speeders? They are breaking the law and endanger people? It would only be for the commen good.

    And Ha!
    Define good. Define reasonable. Better yet quantify good and reasonable. Better yet, ask the Stasi to be good and reasonable when they kick in your door and line you up against the wall.

  6. The Chilean building codes were a progressive measure that saved thousands of princesses. Libertarian arguments against them are invalid.

    Of course I am opposed to surgeons that cut off the wrong arm, or treatments for acne that cause skin cancer. But I am not opposed to all medical interventions. And I am opposed to law enforcement operations that are a incompetent blunders - targeting a low level person for possession, sending in inordinate force, not scoping the house to know who is there, storming a house when they could have picked up the guy when he was walking to his car, etc ... you have demonstrated that law enforcement is a human endeavor subject to failure, but have not offered a better alternative.

  7. Annon,

    And I prefer "Peace Officers" and side with the individual.

    You prefer "Law Enforcement" and submission to "The State".

  8. Annon,
    Libertarian does not mean a free license to do what ever you please. It is based on the true reading of the constitution and the federalist papers. Both the Democrats and Republican have strayed very far from what these documents were meant for. I doubt you have read any of these documents.I suggest you should start by reading the 5000 Year Leap : A Miracle that Changed the World. Then progress to the Constitution and then I suggest the Bill of Rights. The federalist papers are a tough read but try to struggle through it.
    Building code are not telling you what to build on your property just how to build, what ever you decide to, safely. It is poor public policy to allow anyone total free rein. This why were a a democratic republic.

  9. fireman,

    "Libertarian does not mean a free license to do what ever you please."
    How very true. Ones mans rights end where the next mans begins.

    Don't forget the Declaration of Independence. It is the Defining Document mans rights, mans responsibilities, and governmental limit's.

  10. Yes BruHa,

    You are correct. I cannot believe I left that document off the list. I carry copies of the constitution and the declaration with me all of the time. Plus the bill of rights.

    That way when numbnuts want to argue I have points of reference. I have heard several times if you have read.... you would know. I say well funny thing I have a copy right here. Point made position defended.