March 3, 2010

Dish Network: A review

If you are looking to subscribing to The Dish Network I would make the recommendation as no, never, shoot yourself first.  I Just received an unsolicited call from " The Dish Network" offering me service.  OK, no big deal.  I have dealt with telemarketers before and have learned that if I am polite and say I am not interested It saves both of us a lot of time. 

Back to the call, I let this person make his opening statement and then say, "I am not interested but thanks for calling. Thank you very much". That is exactly what I said. No more, no less, in a mostly cheerful tone.  He started again and I said and I quote,  "I am not interested but thanks for calling.  Thank you very much" this time in a slightly firmer tone.  He continues..  "How much do you pay for.."  I cut him off and say "I am not interested but thanks for calling. Thank you very much.", this time in the calmest manner possible (Picture a Drill Sergeant warning a recruit that he is treading into dangerous territory and about to get his guts stomped out by abn irate D.I. if not careful.)
At this point he shold have hung up but kept going and I lose it.  I raised my voice a bit and said "I am not interested but thanks for calling. Fuck You very much!"

Now I am sure all telemarketers have had people cuss at them.  I bet they have had all types on the phone from one point or another, but I highly doubt they are taught to cuss back at their prospective clients.  He responds "Fuck You!".  There is a bunch of laughter in the background. And I am pretty sure I said "I was polite several times now. I am not interested. Fuck you very much."  He responds FUCK YOU! with laughter in the background.  Now If this is the way prospective clients are treated I only cringe how this company will treat it's paying customers.  What a bunch of assholes.  This P.O.S. should be fired.

BTW: Call came in at 18:13 est. from phone number (904) 262-0212 and had a caller I.D. of World Wide Comm.  Beware.  (I also let him know I would make others aware of this.  He laughed and said "fuck you".  Nobody ever warned him the Internetz is serious business.)


  1. Mean telemarketers suck. I haven't had many calls from those critters since the 'do not call' register came into effect. In fact, I think that it is great that the government limits the freedom of those pesky people to disturb me with their canned pitch for products I don't want.

    Not sure if the a-holes that knocked on your phone are actually from Dish Inc or not. I know that many of the people that sell magazine subscriptions by phone are independents with no real connection to the publishers - but it still damages the image of the companies whose product they are trying to sell.

  2. There were guys in the neighborhood passing out fliers the day before. I have seen the employment adds for people to work as "Salesmen" for the dish network left and right on Monster and career builder. It has almost become spam.

    The friggin company is shoddy to say the least.
    A copy from A google search:
    --about 450,000 for dish network scam. (0.20 seconds)