July 21, 2010

Liberal Racism

Original  story: Liberal Racism

This is a great piece by Allen West who is running for the as seat in Florida's 22nd Congressional district.  It's renews my faith in my country to see men of strong moral character standing up and saying what needs to said.  Buy the way, he doesnt look angry or ..... ra...  never mind.  I encourage supporting him.

Juicy Snippets:

"It is this duplicitous hypocrisy which allows me to state that the NAACP is shamefully now a liberal racist enabler. The upcoming mid-term elections have the Democrat party in certain peril. Therefore they have turned to their tactic of first and last resort, race baiting.

The resolution issued by the NAACP against the Tea Party is just a strategy to focus this coming election not against liberal progressive policies, which are anathema to our Republic. No, the NAACP, in conjunction with their masters, the Democrat party, seek to make this into an election based upon an insane charge of racial hatred."

"I find the Tea Party, to which I have spoken to several times, stands for fundamental principles and values consistent with that which has made America an exceptional Constitutional Republic.

Therefore, under the "leadership" of Al Sharpton, this counter group One Nation obviously stands for principles which are antithetical to our Republic."

"antithetical to our Republic"  Mr. West is definitely polite.  I would have used much stronger language.  BTW: I like your shirt Allen!

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