July 19, 2010

Jobless in Cuba? Communism faces the unthinkable.

This story is brought to my attention by Kalishna Kitty.
"Without people feeling the need to work to make a living, sheltered by state regulations that are excessively paternalistic and irrational, we will never stimulate a love for work" -Is this a quote from Ayn Rand? Ronald Reagan? Thomas Jefferson? Nope, believe it or not it was actually said by Raul Castro!

Other great snippets: It's a common sight in communist Cuba. Here, nearly everyone works for the state and official unemployment is minuscule, but pay is so low that Cubans like to joke that "the state pretends to pay us and we pretend to work."

With the government giving no details of its thinking, rumors have spread that as many as a fourth of all government workers in some industries could lose their jobs or be moved to farming or construction. But Labor Minister Margarita Gonzalez has promised that "Cuba will not employ massive firings in a manner similar to neoliberal cutbacks," using "neoliberal" as a description of free-market policies.

Neoliberal!  Ha! I like that!  (Can't say Capitalism outloud can you!)

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