March 29, 2010

If you call a dog's tail a leg, does it have five legs?"

Story: Please dont call it state socialism.


"We're told that for some reason we're not allowed to call the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda "socialism," "communism," "Marxism," "state socialism" "fascism," or anything else that might sound unpleasant.

Much as I hate to cite the tyrant Lincoln, if we call a dog's tail a leg, does it have five legs? Telling us we're not "allowed" to use an accurate label for something doesn't change what it is.

Instead of allowing General Motors and Chrysler to go through normal bankruptcies, through which new and more efficient private operators could have purchased their worthwhile assets while shedding their crippling union contracts, the two giant auto makers have now been effectively nationalized. Meantime, an unelected federal "pay czar" decides on the compensation of executives, even at supposedly private banks that have paid back all their "bailout" loans. Does that sound like the normal function of the American free market, as understood in 1910, 1960 or even 1990?"


  1. I was recently removed from friends list because i showed a political picture of Obama and Hiltler in the same pose.The caption read each gave great speeches and each have their own symbols. I was called racist and I was also called a anti Semite. The funny thing is most of the same people called George Bush or showed pictures of him surrounded by swastikas. Did I call them a disgusting, racist, anti Semite? No!!!!

  2. Fireman,
    Want some real fun?

    Go to and take a look around. You will see just how understanding and forward thinking the left is.