September 24, 2009

The Wave

This was found on SondraK and was originally posted on conservativehippiechick .  It is a little long but worth watching. 
Part 1: The Wave: Part one
Part 2: The Wave: Part two
I really found it fascinating  that It is based on a true story. (And I really dig the 1981 clothing.  Yep that is pretty much what high school looked like in the early 80's. ) Now what I find disturbing are the parallels to what is going on today.

Watch this afterwards:  Barry Youth (short)



  1. Wow, talk about scary. When the talk about him adressing the nations school children came about, I was concerned, add this craziness to it and I'm really scared for our country. I think really big changes are coming our way and it will be very similar to Nazi Germany. Hopefully, some of us are smart enough to see it coming and do something about it.

  2. Follow up:

  3. Check out I found a radioshow called Gettin after Lefty, it is really funny! Older shows are available to listen to. Here is a link: