September 23, 2009

Just what is/was the best Battle Rifle

I was thinking about this the other day after seeing one of the top 10 shows on the History/Military channel (Or as my domestic commander calls it "The damn black and white airplanes channel")    Now as it turned out the winner was the AK-47,  but I am in total disagreement.  A modern army that wants an AK is one that cant afford good weapons and/or training.  Sure its cheap and even a cave-man can use it but does it deserve number one billing?  I don't think so.  I have my opinion on what the all time best battle rifle is, and wonder what yours is. 
Criteria: Fire power, Innovation, Design, Length of service, and Historical significance.
Limitations: Shoulder fired, and modern rifle cartridge,



  1. Hmmm... Interesting
    I like the M-14 because its big n ugly, accurate, fast and you can beat someone to death with it if you dont want to burn ammo up.
    I like the CAR because its cute, goes with all my outfits and the laser and scope setups for it look cool.
    I like the AK cause its like a Rat Rod- Ugly, loud and fast- cheap to run and if it breaks, some wire and duct tape works till you get parts.

    Favorite- The Garand or the '03 Sprinfield. History, durability and availability of ammo. Sorry mike but .303 ammo is getting hard to find cheap.

  2. Though I love the '03 it is basically a Mauser. Not to big on innovation. Also length of service falls a bit short. Same with the M-14. The 14 is an upgraded Garand, so it falls short on innovation as well as historical significance and length of service. (Though high on my cool meeter)

    The Garand on the other hand warrants serious consideration. 8 rounds of 30.'06. still in use in some patrs of the world. Durable, reliable, powerfull, accurate and historically significant.

    I will hold off on my pick and reasoning untill we get a few more comments.

  3. After further consideration, I have a few more worth mentioning.
    1) The Squirlin' pistol- High on innovation as the bent barrel allows shooting over hills or around corners at unseen targets- Maybe where the Long-Bow technology came from? Also, its the first muzzleloading rifle to go semi or full auto when needed. Ammo is easily "drawn" upon. Anti-theft technology- backfires on unauth users, dying faces and giving distinct hair-doos for later ID.

    2) The semi-auto double barrel shotgun- also known to go full auto and needs no reloading- the Fudd Foundry Co exclusive.

    3) Although not a long gun, Its still has mucho accuracy, and innovation- The 12 shot, slabside .45 with a standard magazine that Steven Segal uses. Also loaded with never miss bullets.

    4) honorable mention- goes to all the fully automatic, machine gun pistols, rifles and shotguns the media reports on. I'm sure John Browning and the rest of the great inventors would be suprised to know that there designs magically morphed them into the bullet spitting engines of destruction they are reported to be.

  4. ComenTakeit,

    Your response reminds me of the flint jacketed, hand-rail seeking bullets that the evil enemy's of James Bond are so fond of. Does Speer or Hornady make these, and do they come in anything but auto pistol caliber's?