August 18, 2015

Grey Goo Is Killing US, and the antidote for Progressive Politics

We are slowly being consumed by "Grey Goo"or  Progressive Politics. 

    "What? Grey Goo is going to get me?"

  No.  It already has, some more than others, but we are all infected to one degree or another.  Let me explain. 

  First,  the symptoms of being contaminated by the "Grey Goo." 
  • Words have differing meanings depending on circumstances, certain words are not to be used, and inappropriate words are used in place.
  • Fact, science, and histories change to suite present conditions.
  • Logical thinking is ignored and or ridiculed.
  • Absolute Good does not exist.
  • Absolute Bad/Evil does not exist.
  • If one achieves, produces or gains success it was probably achieved by evil means and if one fails it was by the evil intent and or action of others. ("Oh! How can points three and five be valid?"  See my next point......)
  • Contradictions and hypocrisy are ignored especially if it furthers the production of more Grey Goo.

  We/they use Grey Goo every day, at the office, at home, in our relationships, in our political beliefs, and our religion. We attend "voluntary" lunch meeting because not attending would reflect badly when evaluation time rolls around. Tiger woods wanted to be a playboy and a family man at the same time. (Sorry dude, you can only pick one) We may snap at our spouse because we are frustrated with an unrelated manner, leaving the spouse miffed and confused. We complain about our political system but don't vote, and otherwise do not hold our representatives accountable.  (And they/we rely on the Grey Goo more and more every day.)  Its a bit maddening and dirty

   "I don't think I want or like the Grey Goo.   Seems icky and wrong.   Help Me!"

Don't worry, there is a cure.  Just think, rationally that is.  Yep, that simple, but not easy.  The most interesting thing about man is that he is a thinking rational creature.  He as a naked animal that is, soft of skin, slow, susceptible to cold and heat, has weak teeth and no claws, his noes ears and eyes are not exceptional.  His offspring are born one at a time and helpless for many years requiring much effort to bring to maturity. 
   What man excels at is thinking with his mind.  He is a rational creature.  He views, measures and accesses his environment, makes decisions that help him live, and to not do so will lead to death be it immediate or in the long term.  With man's thinking mind he can now see across the universe, and detect and analyze the smallest atomic particles. He grows and raises food, pre-digesting it in factories and or other mechanized means (cooking).  He can have the thickest armor, fly to the moon, live on the equator the artic or other planets (soon) for that matter.  In short, rational thinking is good.  What is good you may ask? (And this is important)  Good is what helps man live.  Food is good, sex is good, air is good, clothing is good, steel is good, my guitar is good, science is good, thinking rationally is good. These few examples help us live. (Hope I made my point.)

The Inoculation or thinking rationally.
    • Words mean things. Not only do they convey thought they are a contract between people to communicate  ideas.  It is the way we tell others about our environment, our desires, and ideas.  An intentionally misused word is a breaking of the contract, specifically used to deceive, to give one a false view of his environment; otherwise to prevent rational thinking.  ("So the voluntary lunch meeting is really not voluntary?"   Uh-hu, emm yes.  You know it, they know it.   The same way "Undocumented Immigrants" is thrown around in the news and by politicians.  "Sow why do they do that?"  They do it to rob from you.  To take your time without the agreed compensation in the first case, and to prevent you from properly accessing your environment in the second.  An Undocumented Immigrant implies a lack of paperwork for someone who intends to lawfully enter and reside, when in fact the first act upon entering the country was to break the law.  In short:To prevent you from making a rational decision.)  One must view words as contracts and treat them as such. You wouldn't hire a contractor to tile your floor and accept carpet it in violation of the signed contract, right?
    • Fact, science, and histories do not change.  Shure new facts emerge, new discoveries, but a fact is a fact.  These are the data points of our rational world. A hydrogen atom is a hydrogen atom, an ounce of gold is an ounce of gold, human nature is human nature.
    • Think logically.  A=A  Think scientifically? ( What is the true cost of  energy?  Should we not think in terms of thermal dynamics rather than political-economics?)  Substitute ideas and people in the news to see if you are being manipulated.  What if Condoleezza Rice had a private e-mail server?  George Jefferson uses the "Honkey" word all the time but the Duke boys never uttered an even off comment about any ethnic group ever.  Why is George still on the air and the Dukes are off?
    • Good does exist.  What helps man to live is good. Ask yourself often, Is this good?
    • Bad/Evil does exist, it what prevents man from living.  It has many forms.  Recognize it, do not accept it.
    • Achievement is good.  Wealth is good. Selfishness is not A NEGITIVE WORD. (Sorry I yelled but this is important.)
    • Contradictions do not exist.  If you find a contradiction check your premise, one is wrong. And you are not required to tolerate hypocrisy of any kind.
    • Do not violate your integrity.
      The Grey Goo is the absence of thought and reason.  It provides a false view of the environment and prevents thinking. Grey Goo prevents the spread of ideas and destroys.  It does not serve man to live.  It is not good.  It is the tool of the Progressive left (and right).  It is the tool of  for choice that use the name of God to make others suffer. It is the tool of vain and pretentious political leaders that think they know better.  Grey Goo is the food of the collectivist, the socialist, the communist, the dictator , the theocracy, and totalitarian alike.  Grey Goo is poison for the thinking individual. (And thus the constant effort to classify and group us all.)

    Really think, its like a cup or two of brain bleach killing off the grey goo..




    1. Of course words have differeny meaningd depending on context. It has been said that nothing is more dangerous than an officer with a map. Reason being: the map is not the territory. Likewise, words are abstract representations of reality, but are not the reality itself.

      The word "love" is a good example... it means different things to different people at different times. The fact that we have a single word to represent so many things illustrates the limits of our symbol system. In ancient Greece, there were far more words to distinguish seperate ideas that were lovey... eros for sex and carnal love, philos for fraternal affiliation, agape for the religious love of mankind, storge for love that involves primarily affection. Much of the drama and humor in rom-com movies involves the fact that people have different definitions of love and different understandings of what it means to acknowledge or proclaim love.

    2. Thanks for the comment! My point is that words are contracts to convey thoughts, ideas and facts, and when intentionally misused the intent is to rob reality from us, to shape a falsehood for their personal benefit. Also just some clarification on the map/officer story . As I recall it is nothing more dangerous than a 2nd Lt., (O-1) with a map and a compass. The analogy the danger of being a new and inexperienced officer taking leadership actions above his/her skill level without consulting the more experienced members of the platoon, even though they hold a rank subordinate to him. The proper leadership is for the "Butter Bar" is to give the order such as " Master Sargent, have one of the men check or position and report." This action maintains the officers integrity as the leader, recognizes the skill set of the team and the platoon does not get lost. I witnessed this very thing in my short six years in the USN, we called it "Ensign Training". The young O-1 would be in charge of some task such as loading supplies onboard the ship and would have a "Salty" and experienced Chief Petty Officer by his side that would be tactfully guide as to how to get the job done, maintain respect of his men, and trust the skills of those around him.

    3. Let this be your catalyst to Seventh-Heaven:

      'The more you shall honor Me,
      the more I shall bless you'
      -the Infant Jesus of Prague
      (<- Czech Republic, next to Russia)

      Love him or leave him...
      ya best lissen to the Don;
      if you deny o'er-the-Hillary's evil,
      which most whorizontalites do,
      you cannot deny Hellfire
      which YOU send YOURSELF to.

      Yes, earthling, I was an NDE:
      the sights were beyond extreme.
      Choose Jesus.
      You'll be most happy you did.
      God bless your indelible soul.