February 5, 2010

TOTUS strikes again!

This proves he has no real Idea about the context of his speech. The word meant nothing to him. NOTHING! It was just a bunch of letters on TOTUS. Go through the motions, move on. It would have been better to say Navy or Marine Medic ( if this person is a Corpsman; but could be a CTI or Interpretive Cryptologic Technicians that handles language translation).  This at least would have just shown his lack of understanding of our armed forces.

However this proves; He speaks without understanding!  Gulp!

I remember Clinton made a speech on board one of our CVN’s years back. He said something like, “thanks to all the great sailors of this fine ship, from the Stern, (He points aft) to the Bow”, (pronounced as in “bow neck tie” or rimes with “Big Toe” and points forward while glancing at his notes) That was good for a chuckle, this on the other-hand is scary.

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