June 7, 2010

"Well I'll be Wookie’s uncle........" says young Skywalker

I have been gently, and not so gently for that matter, reminded that it has been some time since my last posting here at The BruHa by several very close friends. I would like to say I am back, things are well.  My biggest excuse for not posting is that a lot of my time has been trying to start my own business in a an economy that refuses to cooperate. There are other reasons as well, such as doubt that anyone reads this crap, my laziness and apathy, and traveling.

The first thing of many  I have learned in taking some time off is that putting something up every day is hard work. My hat is off to all those out there that blog several good and entertaining posts every day.  (Special thanks to cmblake6 and The LaSalamander for getting my ass in gear.)

Second  is that people from all over the world will show up and visit your if you have a link to a naked girl  naked woman or stripper.  Links to guns and firearms are the next best.  This Link: Naked Girl with gun is for thoes who search for such a things, an experiment to see how many people show up for this link, and just maybe someone will stick around read and comment.  BTW, my most visited page is this: Activists protest Va. strip club's Obama banner and most likely just for the link to the stripper.  I just love the Law Of Unintended Consequences!  More than a few people have read this article and maybe an eye or two has been opened.

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