April 16, 2010

Tea Party Infiltrators at the Jacksonville Landing

I attended the Jacksonville I am against over-taxation and the Nanny State Tea Party last night and had a pretty good time.  Like last year the turn out was pretty good, the speakers, though obviously novices were impassioned and patriotic.  The organizers, speakers as well as the mainstream attendees were polite and enthusiastic.  I was proud to have been in attendance and made some new friends. ( High Five to "Short guy" from the 82nd airborne!)  I also met LeAnne Kolb who is running for the house District 3, and if you now Florida house seats that is Corine Browns district.  If you want a good laugh just watch Corrine Brown  in action: Go Gata!  LeAnn has a long way to go. She is just starting out and Browns district is one of the most Gerrymandered districts in FL. I wish her the best of luck.

As for the infiltrators, this photo is of two moonbat dweeb lefftards that decided to try to stir things up.  Moonbat 1&2 decided to talk shit, loudly I might add.  The navy guys next to us called them out on it and that's why JSO officer is keeping watch on them.  Hired help in this photo-is a local vagrant/ret-a drunk. 

Some notes on the "hired help guy".  His shirt was brand new. It had fresh packaging fold creases in it.  He also carried a screwdriver in his back pocket, but he probably calls it a "shank" or a "shiv".  He seemed to be moving around the crowd quite a bit and at times he was seen to carrying a motorcycle helmet though I doubt he has one.  He also showed up real quick when the Navy dudes called the Moonbats out and got between them.  JSO watched him pretty close.

As for the moonbats, the just their mouths trying to start shit.  Moonbat 2 said to me, "Yeah,  I know who John Galt is.", referring to my shirt.  I politely let him know that I found it hard to believe he read read over 2,000 pages of anything in his entire life, and that he and his buddy should go home, put a frozen pizza in the toaster oven and jerk off to 4chan.  They looked a bit supprised about the last bit, I think it hit too close to home.

Then there was photographer guy.  He did not listen, clap, cheer or anything.  All he did is take pictures.  He took pictures of people and signs. Specificly close ups of faces. He paled around with another guy that did not seem into the rally and also hid when he noticed I was trying to take his picture.

I would love to know who these people are.  If you know, please tell.

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