March 11, 2010

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) More RINO's to hunt.

Story: Senator Graham’s Inexplicable National ID Support

When Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) teams up with Chuck "The Schmuck Schumer" only bad thing can happen, and the latest is his idea of a national work ID card complete with biometrics.  The idea behind the card is to somehow regulate identify and track illegal aliens who work in the country.   Why should every American have to get a n ID card to work?  How long until we have to pay for it.  When does it become a national work licence?  (What about the friggin thousands of laws that are not enforced?)  Lindsey Graham is now just another reason as to why I will never give to the National Republican Party.

"Senator Graham’s take is equally simple: “We’ve all got Social Security cards,” he said to the Wall Street Journal. “They’re just easily tampered with. Make them tamper-proof. That’s all I’m saying.”

No, Senator, that’s not all you’re saying. You’re saying that native-born American citizens should be herded into Social Security Administration offices by the millions so they can have their biometrics collected in federal government databases. You’re saying that you’d like a system where working, traveling, going to the doctor, and using a credit card all depend on whether you can show your national ID. You’re saying that bigger government is the solution, not smaller government."

 "Let me see your papers please".


  1. >> "Why should every American have to get an ID card to work? "

    I agree with Senator Graham that every American should have a verifiable ID that they show when they vote, when they are pulled over by law enforcement who have reasonable suspicion, when they travel internationally, and when they register contracts. You may object to laws that say only US citizens and authorized aliens can work. You may object to people being required to pay taxes. But those are the laws, and they require proof of identity, just as voting does.

    Why should native-born citizens have to comply with this requirement? Because we don't really know who is native-born (or a naturalized citizen, or a person here on a valid visa) unless a secure ID is presented. It's like the sign at the movie theatre that says "For R movies, we card everyone under 21" ... moronic! They can't know who is under 21 until they card. They let some people go uncarded if they look over 21, and they card people over 21 if they have a baby-face. It is policy based on faulty assumptions. For something like an R movie (which is a policy of the cinema, and not super important), a driver's license is enough. Licenses are fairly reliable way to establish age - not perfect, but good enough for that purpose.

    We can't look at someone and tell if they are native-born. Drivers licenses and social security cards were not designed to verify information like citizenship or visa status. Not everyone has a passport, which is one form of ID that does verify citizenship.

    In Mayberry, Sheriff Andy doesn't usually need IDs. He can identify most of the people and he knows who they are, where they were born, who their parents are. But we don't live in fictional Mayberry.

    A photo is 'biometric' information. It isn't the best form of bioometrics, because people's appearance can and does change. People grow or shave off beards, change their hair style, their hair color, they develop wrinkles and scars and droopy eyes ... all of which makes their identification using a photo Id less certain.

  2. Annon,

    Thank you very much for your opinion, but I do not think we will ever agree because we have very different views on the value of freedom.

    I will suggest however that you may want to seek out a life in The Peoples Republic Of North Korea. There are many like minded people there and there diets are reported to be very high in fiber. I would suggest you try to become a government administrator of some type if you wish to have a fulfilling career,(you do seem well suited), but I dont know how hard it is to get a work permit.

    I also suggest you send any further comments to The Dear Leader as he will appreciate your opinion much more than I will.

    Be well annon, and may the Stasi shoot you last.

  3. >> I will suggest however that you may want to seek out a life in The Peoples Republic Of North Korea.

    Thanks for that advice, but I won't be following it. Your mentality only allows the extremes, but I recognize a spectrum of freedom. I prefer to exist somewhere on the spectrum that does have significant freedom - but not absolute freedom.

  4. Gotcha. Point taken. So choose a country, go there and leave mine alone.