February 17, 2010

Lockeing Up Leviathan

I came across this accidently while engaged in a philisopical debade with one of my freinds; Lockeing Up Leviathan .  It is  agreat artical by Jerry Salcido, and place it high on my recomended reading list.  The comments are also outstanding.

"Without need of either advocating or rejecting Hobbes' arguments in favor of a strong State, one can hardly look upon modern governments, including the United States federal government and the individual United States, without agreeing that Hobbes' depiction of the State as a Leviathan, that is, a threatening, powerful beast, was spot-on.
Like any carnivorous beast, Leviathan has a ravenous appetite, but it differs in that its appetite is never satisfied and it has even been known to eat itself to death. Leviathan's only and favorite staple is, of course, taxes. "

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