January 30, 2010

PAK FA Russian Fifth Generration fighter.

Story:  Russia unveils top secret new fighter.
Specifications:  Global Security


My observations:

I do not believe this aircraft will have true stealth capabilities that the F-22 enjoys. Stealth is in the details and the details tell all.  On the fuselage, in typical Ruski fashion I observed riveting, the engine intakes appear to be non stealthy as well as exhaust nozzles.  The fan blades of the engines will look as big as a barn to a modern western radar if careful consideration is not taken to the shape and placement of the engine.  This is very difficult to do and maintain high performance. It is unclear if the aircraft has an internal bay, one would assume it must to be a true Gen.V aircraft.  There is also a lack of "Z" notching of panels and doors seams, or any type of stealth coating on the canopy.  The cockpit of an aircraft as well as door/panel seams are huge radar reflectors and is difficult to mask.

My bet is that this aircraft has an ordinary RCS (Radar Cross Section) and is not a stalth aircraft at all. It will have to rely on  ECM techniques to mask it'self from western radars and at that point you know something is ouththere.  This bird is nothing more than a target when compaired to the F-22.

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  1. LOL ;-) Naive Western observer BruHa!