December 18, 2009

And where was the outrage then…..?

Last night my neighborhood had its annual Christmas, luminary/hayride party.  It was very nice. Santa showed up. The kids got a candy canes, cookies and hot chocolate.  Homemade treats were freely consumed as well as a few adult beverages ( in big red cups to keep this a G rated family event.) Nice times, big smiles and the rain held off; an overall success.

But then there was Stan. 

Stan is a neighbor that wears his "Progressive Liberalism" on his sleeve.  He works at or just promotes a local radio station that carries and spews Liberal blather.  He has never been shy about his political views.  Other than his driving skills, he is mostly tolerated in the neighborhood .

This is what happened.  Last night my buddy M1ARocks happened to have on this T-shrit.  It was not displayed prominently as he wore it under his jacket but Stan saw it and immediately launched into a loud  F-Bomb laden diatribe calling my buddy a traitor, racist, and any other despicable adjective you can think of.  M1 just stood there kinda smirking and giggling as Stan went on.  I politely reminded Stan that there were kids present and Santa probably doesn't appreciate the language. We then reminded Stan that for eight years there was no outrage for disrespecting our president.

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  1. It's clear to me that Stan's parents didn't whoop his ass enough as a kid. His mouthing off to other grownups might just bring that ass whooping to him a little later in life. Did anybody mention to Stan that the shirt was M1's right to free speech? Or is there a double standard for libs on that, too?

  2. Oh there is a big double standard.
    BTW: We smiled and giggled at his obviously bad behavior, (and that unnerved him quite a bit) He was exposed for what he was, A complete Libitard Kool Aid drinking Moon-Bat. On a side note M1 offered Stan some Kool Aid from the punch bowl as a sign of friendship. ( It was a miracle I keep my my frontal lobe in my head and not have it exit through my nose while stifiling my laugh!)