November 10, 2009

DC sniper's Muhammad's execution

Story: DC sniper's Muhammad's execution set for tonight

I am looking forward to tonight's execution of John Allen Muhammad as much as one would look forward to having ones kitchen sprayed for bugs.  I am completely unemotional about the death of this bug person but I know I will sleep better now that it he has been removed from the face of the earth.  I can only hope that he as found peace and forgiveness from a loving god but somehow I doubt that this Jihadest scumbag did.  Good riddance and I hope you get to enjoy a pork chop dinner as you last meal (fed as a suppository).   We must remember that 10 people were removed from the face of the earth prematurely with no chance to finish their lives, talk to their love ones, share one more thought. The will never again hug their children, spouses, or even get the chance to ask for forgiveness from someone.

Get the F*** off my earth!

UPDATE: D.C. sniper Muhammad executed for 2002 attacks

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