October 13, 2009

Why the hell does Snowe belong to the GOP?

With Sen. Olympia Snowe announcing that she is voting for the health care debacle,  (Story:) I find myself wondering why she  or anyone else for that matter consider her a Republican? Please tell me!  I'm dumbfounded! 

I really don' think I have an answer to this question, but what I do know is that the Republican party is not getting one red cent of my money because it supports people like Snowe and McCain.  I will give to individuals based on their merritts, but can no longer blindly shell out $$ to a party that supports these RINO's.  I have grown weary of the Republican Party fund raisers calling with their canned speech Telling me how bad things will be if the Dem's stay in power.  I know that! (And BTW what a shitty platform to have "At least were not Democrats") 

I hope this Healthcare bill crashes and burns and takes those who voted for it out too.


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  1. I called Sen. Snowe's Washington Office yesterday and requested that she do the honorable thing and switch parties like Arlen Spector did - that she was a disgrace to Republicans and conservatives across America. Her office # is: (202) 224-5344.

    I am also planning on calling the Maine and National Republican Parties to ask them what their official position is on the Snowe matter. I will also let the National office know that I will no longer be supporting them in any fashion until they completely distance themselves from the likes of her.